Should Palm Trees Be Skinned?

There are various reasons to get your palm trees skinned, especially if you live in the Las Vegas Valley. It’s one thing for trees to be left alone to grow wild at the beach or in a forest. But when you have a business or neighborhood image to uphold or pets and kids to protect, it’s another story.

At Green America Tree & Landscaping, we strive to keep our clients’ landscaping looking tip-top, and that includes trimming and skinning overgrown palm trees.

  • Unskinned Palm Trees Can Be Unsightly
  • Skinning Palms Can Reduce Pests
  • Palm Tree Skinning Is Water Smart

Unskinned Palm Trees Can Be Unsightly

Skinning or shaving a palm tree involves removing the rough, shaggy bark and dead frond remnants from the trunk. This results in a smooth, attractive trunkline that naturally leads your eye up towards the green, waving fronds.

Unshaved palms, on the other hand, often have an ugly, hairy appearance. It’s no wonder that so many HOAs routinely require palm trees to be trimmed and shaved.

Skinning Palms Can Reduce Pests

Pests abound throughout the Las Vegas valley, and many creepy crawlies such as rats and scorpions love to take shelter in unshaved palm trees. Shaving palms from the base up can reduce hiding places for these pests, which helps protect you, your family, and your pets from dangerous insect bites and pest-borne diseases.

Palm Tree Skinning Is Water Smart

As the drought continues in Southern Nevada, it’s essential to do everything you can to save water while keeping your plants and trees alive and thriving. Palm trees need to transport water from the ground up through the trunk to the living fronds.

Old, unshaved palm frond remnants can absorb precious water, preventing it from reaching the living fronds. Shaving away these remnants can therefore help the palm stay healthier while using less water.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Palm Tree Service

Scraping a palm tree can be a risky business involving sharp tools and tall heights. Unskilled people attempting the job can be seriously injured by cutting themselves or falling off the ladder. Additionally, trees can be wounded and develop infections and scars from sharp cuts, just like we can. Wounds can make it harder for the tree to transfer nutrients up the trunk into the fronds.

Professional tree trimmers and skinners have experience and are far less likely to injure themselves or your trees.

Affordable Palm Tree Trimming In Las Vegas & Henderson

Whether you are a business owner looking to increase your curb appeal or a homeowner wanting to keep your landscaping looking its best, our Las Vegas tree trimmers at Green America Tree & Landscaping are ready to help. Call today to schedule your palm tree skinning and trimming service, or to inquire about our other residential and commercial landscaping services.

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