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Licensed Nevada Landscape Contractors

Nevada Licensed Contractor In Landscaping

Not everyone is equipped to be a licensed landscaping contractor in Las Vegas. It takes many steps before a company can even be qualified enough to apply for a license. The high standards of the Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) ensure that only experienced landscaping companies will receive a license.

The Nevada Licensing Board Thoroughly Evaluates Applicants

The mission of the Nevada State Contractors Board is to ensure quality construction to protect the public's health and safety. The qualification component provides the public with an assessment of an applicant's landscaping competence at the time of licensing. They do this by thoroughly evaluating applicants who must meet certain requirements and submit proof for evaluation.

  • Experience
  • References
  • Pass Trade & Business Law Exams
  • Pass Background Check
  • Bonded & Insured

A Company Must Be Financially Responsible To Receive A License

The Board determines an applicant's financial responsibility using specific legal criteria. The evaluation of financial statements is extensive and designed to protect the public and the landscaping industry from bad actors. The factors considered under financial responsibility include:

  • Liquid Assets
  • Payment History
  • Credit Reports
  • Net Worth
  • Business Experience
  • Past & Present Lawsuits
  • Historical & Current Liens
  • Adverse Judgments
  • Felony Convictions
  • Prior License Suspension Or Revocation
  • Bankruptcy

Disputes & Complaints Are Taken Seriously

The NSCB takes violations of its statutes seriously. Anyone having a complaint or dispute with a landscaper can file a report with the Nevada State Contractors Board and testify under oath. The formal complaint procedure includes the following:

  • File A Report
  • Provide Details & Documentation
  • Investigation
  • Judgment
  • Disciplinary Proceeding
  • Ruling

The Board Has The Power To Discipline

Once a disciplinary hearing concludes, if a landscape contractor is found guilty of violating the law, they will receive varying degrees of punishment depending on how severe the violation was. It is vital that The Board have the power to hold members accountable for their actions so that the value and respect for the license remains intact. The Board has the power to discipline the licensee in a few different ways.

  • Revoke or suspend a license
  • Issue a written reprimand
  • Impose a fine of up to $10,000.00

Hire A Licensed Landscape Contractor

We at Green America Tree & Landscaping are proud to be a fully licensed landscape contractor that has met and exceeded the high standards of the Nevada State Contractors Board. Our commitment to remaining in good standing with The Board displays our continued dedication to continuing education and our customers' satisfaction. If you are looking for a landscape contractor to design and build a better landscape in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, contact us today for a free quote.