Palm Tree Trimming

Get reliable and affordable palm tree trimming from Green America Tree & Landscaping in Las Vegas. Palms are a regular feature for most Vegas Valley properties, and they need to trimmed to prevent damage and overgrowth, as well as skinned during the maturing process. All our tree trimmers are trained to handle any climbs, and we have the equipment to get the job done fast.

Why Trim Palm Trees In Las Vegas?

If you like the shaggy look, you may be wondering why your Las Vegas palm need to be trimmed at all. After all, aren’t these low-maintenance plants? The look, health, and safety of your trees depends on regular trimming and skinning. Overgrowth can cause many issues, especially if your trees are on commercial property.

  • Excess growth zaps nutrients from the rest of the tree.
  • Untrimmed palms look shaggy and unkept.
  • You provide homes for pests.
  • Falling fronds can cause injury or property damage.
  • Falling fruit makes a mess and can be a slipping hazard.

When Should You Trim Your Palms

You can often tell that it’s time for tree trimming service because fronds have grown large and started to droop downward. They may look yellow or brown. The best time to trim palm trees in is the summer months. You can have any unwanted fronds, fruit, or flowers cut and allow the tree to focus its energy on growth and health instead. You also give these beautiful landscaping accents a better chance of surviving the strong winds of our Vegas falls and winters.

Palm Tree Trimming Vs. Palm Tree Skinning?

While palm tree trimming and palm skinning, shaving, or skimming can all mean the same thing, you can think of trimming as removal of unwanted fronds, fruit, and flowers and skinning as removing dead parts of the tree in order to reveal a neat and tidy trunk. Both skinning and trimming keep bugs and rodents from making nests, saves water and nutrients for a healthier tree, and gives you a tidier look. Professional trimming can also help you slow or speed up the growth of your palms.

Hiring Our Tree Trimmer Professionals

There are many great DIY projects for home and business owners, but maintaining your palms shouldn’t be one of them. These are tall trees, and too much or too little cut off at the wrong times of the year can cost you your tree if an accident or fall doesn’t cost you your life.

  • Proper Licensing
  • Highly Experienced
  • Knowledge About Your Palms
  • Proper Equipment
  • Affordability
  • A Strong Reputation

We Are Licensed For Your Protection

Unlicensed companies pose a risk to property owners because if they are injured or cause damage during their work, the client could be responsible for everything. As licensed professionals, we take the risk out of working on your property and stand behind how the work is performed. Have peace of mind while getting quality service.

We Are Palm Tree Experts

Hiring a landscaping maintenance company with plenty of experience in the palm tree trimming business is also essential. The four main types of palm trees in Las Vegas—Mexican fan, California fan, canary date, and date—all produce seeds annually and are typically maintained between May and August. Our experts not only trim dead fronds, but remove seeds and inspect for health problems and pest damage.

Another advantage of hiring a licensed and experienced professional is that they will use the right tools for the job. We can be trusted to prevent accidental damage while making the job safer and faster.

We Value Our Reputation

When comparing the prices of tree trimming services, it’s important to remember that a too-low price may mean you don’t get the experience and professionalism you expect. Checking the reputation of the service you intend to hire not only helps you avoid costly mistakes, but also help you find a company that’s the best fit for you and your property. We take pride in our reputation, from customer reviews to landscaping awards.

Get Professional Palm Tree Trimming In Las Vegas

For professional, affordable palm tree trimming, you can count on Green America Tree & Landscaping. We are known for quality care and top-notch landscaping services throughout the Vegas Valley. Contact us today to schedule exceptional tree care and maintenance.

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