Palm Tree Skinning

Keep your Las Vegas Valley palm trees healthy and looking fabulous with professional palm tree skinning services from Green America Tree & Landscaping. Most people already know that their palm trees should be professionally trimmed to remove old, dead fronds once or twice a year, but you may realize that skinning should also be done periodically to keep your trees looking their best.

What Is Palm Tree Skinning?

Also known as skimming or shaving, palm tree skinning is a process that removes the rough and shaggy-looking dead remnants of palm fronds from the trunk of the tree. This job requires sharp cutting tools, making it risky not just to the worker but also to the tree itself, as accidentally cutting into the trunk can damage the tree and even introduce disease.

Palm tree skimming is always best carried out by a professional landscaping company or tree service with a proven track record.

3 Reasons To Get Your Palm Trees Shaved

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal. Dead palm skins are unattractive and make your property look untidy. Professional trimmed and skinned palms are much more appealing than overgrown, unmaintained trees.
  • Natural Pest Control. Unskinned palm trees don’t just make your property look bad; that rough, dead skin can also harbor pests, such as rats and scorpions, including the highly venomous Arizona bark scorpion. Removing the dead skin, especially in the lower regions of your palms, reduces places for these pests to hide.
  • Water Smart. Every drop of desert water is precious. The remnants of dead palm fronds can soak up water and moisture from the ground, keeping it away from the tree’s living parts. Shaving away the dead skins allows the water to travel up to the green fronds that need them.

Las Vegas Area Palm Trees

Palm trees are not indigenous to the Las Vegas area, but they do grow well here. They are popular in both commercial and residential settings because they lend a tropical appearance to the harsh desert landscape. All of the palm varieties that grow well in Las Vegas will need tree skinning services from time to time.

  • California Fan Palms
  • Canary Palms
  • Date Palms
  • Mediterranean Palms
  • Mexican Fan Palms
  • Queen Palms

Palm Tree Skinning In Las Vegas

Green America Tree & Landscaping can take care of all of your palm tree maintenance needs in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and the rest of the Las Vegas Valley. We offer both residential and commercial tree services. Call today for a quote or to make an appointment for your palm tree trimming and skinning job.

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