Commercial Tree Trimming

Green America Tree & Landscaping’s commercial tree trimming and pruning service offers the professionalism and specialization to keep your business property looking its best. Our tree care experts can help with both curb appeal attracting customers and maintaining a landscape that’s free of injury risk, property damage and pests. Some of the benefits of hiring a licensed arborist include:

  • Attractive & Healthy-Looking Landscape
  • Removes Dead Leaves & Branches
  • Early Detection Of Disease Or Root Problems
  • Encourages New, Healthy Growth
  • Minimizes Property Damage

Why Hire A Professional Tree Trimmer?

Although it might be tempting to hire a handyman or trim your trees yourself, pruning a tree incorrectly can damage and weaken it, costing you money in the long run. Each cut potentially changes how a tree grows, so randomly lopping off branches to reduce growth can cause more harm than good. Bad cuts also increase the risk of disease and pests moving in to cause further damage.

Our arborists have the experience and certifications to assess a tree’s health, growth tendencies, and surrounding area before performing any or all of the following:

  • Reduce risks to nearby property or passersby.
  • Manage direction of growth with targeted cuts.
  • Maintain appropriate clearance for roadways, wires and other infrastructure.
  • Improve the tree’s aesthetics, shape and structure.

Las Vegas and Boulder City business owners, HOA’s, and multifamily property managers trust us to plant and maintain all types of trees. If necessary, we can also remove trees and clean up the leaves and branches that fall and clutter up your landscape.

Commercial Palm Tree Care

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to any commercial landscape, but trimming them is hard and dangerous. The extreme height that these desert beauties can reach and the bulky nature of overgrown palm fronds require specialty equipment and knowledge of tree biology to preserve and protect the trees and the people taking care of them.

Please don’t risk it on your own: call our commercial landscapers at Green America Tree & Landscaping to keep your palm trees healthy and thriving.

Landscaping Service For All Types Of Trees

Many kinds of native and introduced trees flourish in the Las Vegas desert. At Green America Tree & Landscaping, our staff has the expertise to handle all your commercial tree trimming and other landscaping service needs.

Whether you need service for your HOA, golf course, rental property, casino, strip mall, or other business, we can keep your property looking great and growing beautifully.

Las Vegas & Henderson Tree Trimmers

We at Green America Tree & Landscaping take pride in the reviews and feedback we’ve received from our Las Vegas neighbors. For commercial tree trimming service you can trust, turn to a licensed, bonded and insured company that can protect you and your property. Contact us today to discuss service, maintenance contracts and receive a no-obligation quote.

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