Commercial Landscaping

Looking for a professional commercial landscaping company in Las Vegas? Look no further than Green America Tree & Landscaping. With years of experience, we understand the unique needs of businesses like yours. Your lawn care plays a crucial role in advertising quality and reflecting the personality of your business. Don’t overlook the importance of landscaping for your business. Trust us to create a landscape you can be proud of, sending the right message to your customers and tenants.

Why Your Business Needs Landscaping & Maintenance

Neglecting the exterior of your business is just as detrimental as neglecting the interior. A well-maintained premises can attract potential customers, while unkempt grounds can lead to property damage, pest infestations, and safety hazards for clients and employees. Your commercial landscaping decisions can impact renter retention and shopper satisfaction.

Consider the benefits of investing in professional commercial landscaping:

  • Enhance Curb Appeal & Improve Perceived Value/Reputation
  • Provide Shade & Reduce Energy Costs
  • Attract Clients & Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Efficiently Direct Walkway and Pathway Traffic
  • Complement Surrounding Buildings
  • Increase Property Value
  • Enhance Privacy

By prioritizing your commercial landscaping needs, you can create an inviting and attractive environment that leaves a positive impression on customers and tenants alike. Maximize the potential of your business by investing in quality landscaping services.

What Is Commercial Landscape Design?

Commercial landscape design takes into account more than just what and what not to plant. Hardscapes like brick planters and pavers, lighting, irrigation, rock features, seasonal flowers, and maintenance or cleanup schedules are all taken into account.

Landscaping Ideas to Attract More Customers

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Whatever your ground care and management needs, we have a quality solution and the knowledge and experience to help maintain your property. We can renovate or refresh the outdoor appearance of your business or multifamily property in various ways.

Landscape Maintenance For HOAs & Casinos

Resorts aren’t the only Las Vegas businesses needing immaculate outer appearance. Your landscape upkeep can influence rental rates, customer satisfaction, and many other factors. Multi-use properties, parks, apartments, HOAs, business and shopping complexes, and many more commercial properties can benefit from an upgraded and regularly maintained lawn and tree trimming service.

Upgrade Your Business Landscaping

If you are a business owner, HOA representative, or property manager, we will serve you. We work with you from day one of your landscape design and welcome your feedback on regularly performed services.

  • 1-Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Maintenance Contracts Available
  • Tree Service – Trimming, Skinning, Planting & Removal
  • Sprinkler Installation & Irrigation Leak Repairs
  • Reliable, On-Time Technicians
  • We Have Worker’s Comp
  • Contractors License, Bonded & Insured

Quick, Efficient Maintenance & Repairs

Do you have an irrigation leak or tree root problem? We can help. We offer emergency tree removal services in Henderson, NV, and thorough detection, repair, and upkeep.

Keep Your Outdoor Business Fresh & Maintained

Don’t risk your company’s reputation or existing plant life in the hands of inexperienced lawn care workers. We are licensed, insured, and experienced in commercial landscaping throughout the Vegas Valley. We have a reputation for both quality yard maintenance and exceptional customer service.

Whether you want new turf installed, irrigation repaired, or trimmed palm trees, you can count on commercial landscaping services from Green America Tree & Landscaping. We look forward to serving you in Henderson and Las Vegas Valley with lawn care that meets or exceeds your high standards. Contact us today to schedule your initial service or start a clean-up and maintenance contract.

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