Landscaping With Cacti & Succulents

Landscaping with cacti and succulents is a logical choice in the Las Vegas Valley. Businesses and homeowners alike want to conserve water in our desert environment. Many of us also desire a landscape design that doesn’t need intensive hands-on care, particularly in the warmest months. Cacti and succulents are great choices, offering a wide variety of drought-tolerant and low-maintenance options.

Consider These Popular Varieties Of Cactus

Cacti are at home in the desert, thriving with poor soil and little water. This makes them ideal as we strive for water conservation. Some varieties will bloom for days or even weeks on end, bringing color to your landscape every year.

  • Cardon Grande
  • Argentine Giant
  • Golden Barrel
  • Old Man
  • Prickly Pear

Cardon Grande — Loves The Sun

This thorny multiple-armed cactus has a similar appearance to the well-known Saguaro. Because it can grow quite large, you will want to plant it with plenty of surrounding space, perhaps in a corner of your garden space. The Cardon Grande needs lots of daily sun exposure, and it will produce white blossoms every summer.

Argentine Giant — Has White Flowers

As you may have guessed, the Argentine Giant is a huge cactus that is native to Argentina. It grows best in full to partial sun. Its large white flowers bloom for about 24 hours in the early summer. Because this plant is so large and very thorny, you will want a professional to plant it for you.

Golden Barrel — Adds A Pop Of Color

This slow-growing cactus will add a fascinating shape and texture to your desert landscape. Landscapers will often place it in rows for extra interest. Covered with gold-tinted thorns, this cactus will blossom with clusters of yellow blooms.

Old Man — Adds Variety

This cactus received its name because it is covered with a white growth that looks like hair. Its texture and color make it an excellent choice to insert variety into your desert plantings. It blooms in the late spring with light red or bright pink flowers.

Prickly Pear — Needs Little Water

This is the classic shape that many people picture when they think of a cactus. Its big yellow flowers will ripen into purple fruits. Once it is well-established, a Prickly Pear won’t need very much water.

Check Out These Well-Known Succulents

Succulents are well-suited to desert life. Because they store water in their leaves and stems, they are drought-tolerant and need little care.

  • Century Plant
  • Gopher Plant
  • Irish Rose
  • Sticks On Fire
  • Variegated Elephant Food

Century Plant — Lovely & Hardy

As the largest species of Agave, this succulent features long pointed leaves in an attractive blue-green color. As it grows quickly, its cluster of leaves will soon stretch three feet around. Although the Century Plant needs full or partial sun, it can easily survive a cold desert winter.

Gopher Plant — Does Well In Pots

Also called “Silver Spurge,” this small shrub will have bright yellow flowers in late winter or early spring. A hardy succulent, it is a great choice for rock gardens or potted gardens. It prefers full sun or partial shade.

Irish Rose — Lovely Yellow Flowers

This succulent got its name from its rosette-style leaves. Native to the Canary Islands, it looks a bit like a tiny tree. It grows in many different types of soil, and its yellow blooms will add color to your garden every spring.

Sticks On Fire — Add A Pop Of Orange

Native to South Africa, Sticks on Fire will bring a burst of vivid orange color to your landscape. It’s also known as Firesticks, Indian Tree Spurges, Pencil Tree, or Milk Bush. Drought-tolerant and easy to grow, this succulent’s coral-like appearance will be a fascinating addition to your landscape.

Variegated Elephant Food — Will Grow Almost Anywhere

This attractive shrub thrives in almost every type of soil. You can let it grow freely or trim it as you would a topiary bush. Its lime-green leaves contrast with its reddish stems, making it a good accent choice. Like most succulents, it does not need a large quantity of water.

Professional Cactus & Succulent Planting In Las Vegas

Whether you are dreaming up a few new additions to your garden or an entirely new landscape, you may find that you could use professional help in the designing or planting process. Call Green America Tree & Landscaping today to see how we can plan or revitalize your garden in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada. We specialize in residential and commercial landscape design.

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