8 Top Low Maintenance Desert Plants

Green America Tree & Landscaping knows that plant selection can be tricky in any environment—however, it’s particularly difficult in hot, arid spaces.  In desert climates, many plants simply don’t stand a chance. The good news? Some hearty plants are wonderfully adapted to desert life and require minimal maintenance.

  1. Yellow Desert Marigold
  2. Pretty & Tough Damianita
  3. Purple Bravo Texas Sage
  4. Blossom-Laden Coral Vine
  5. Anemone-Like Potentilla
  6. Tropical Bird Of Paradise
  7. Hardy Creosote Bushes
  8. Colorful Penstemon

1. Vibrant & Low Maintenance Desert Marigold

Plentiful on roadsides throughout Arizona and Nevada, desert marigold is a natural fit for anyone who wants maximum visual impact along with minimal maintenance. The bright yellow flowers rest atop leafless stems and are sure to make an impression. Resistant to heat, drought, and even frost, this plant may require intermittent watering but definitely should not be overwatered.

2. Aromatic Damianita Is Perfect For Weak Soil

Colorful and aromatic, this plant is both water-smart and highly ornamental. It requires full sun and well-drained soil—but the quality of that soil need not be all that impressive. In fact, rich soil will result in fewer flowers. Although it’s generally drought-resistant, once-per-week watering may be required in extreme heat.

3. Purple Flowered Bravo Texas Sage Loves Sun Or Partial Shade

Drought-resistant and capable of growing in less-than-ideal soil, Bravo Texas sage creates a stunning burst of purple and can even be pruned into a variety of shapes. Full sun will produce maximum flowering, although it’s possible to plant this in partial shade. Either way, expect hummingbirds to proliferate wherever this beloved Texas sage is found.

4. Pink Floral Clusters Of Coral Vine For Arid Conditions

This climbing vine thrives in hot and arid conditions, making it a natural fit for desert environments. It’s a definite showstopper and can be expected to attract plenty of attention with its pink floral clusters. While it’s considered invasive in some regions, this generally is not true in the desert.

5. Hardy Potentilla Resembles Sea Anemones

Notoriously hardy, this charming foliage has been said to resemble anemones. Sometimes referred to as shrubby cinquefoil, it can tolerate both harsh winters and hot, arid summers, although it’s not quite as heat-tolerant as some of the other desert shrubs on this list. Still, it will work great in well-drained soil and is often relied on for erosion control.

6. Yellow Bird of Paradise For A Tropical Vibe

Native to South America, this plant’s feathery appearance makes it memorable even among diverse desert offerings. Hummingbirds adore it, but humans also love the distinctive red stamens and lovely yellow blooms. It’s heat-resistant and, once established, can thrive with little water.

7. Fragrant Creosote Bushes Have Subtle Yellow Flowers

Abundant throughout Arizona, Nevada, and beyond, this drought-tolerant bush is sometimes called greasewood because its leaves are sticky and, sometimes, strong-smelling. It has lovely yellow flowers and an understated appearance that many people appreciate. While it’s not common in today’s gardens, it remains a viable option for adding visual interest to low-maintenance spaces.

8. Choose From A Variety Of Colors & Species With Penstemon

As the ultimate desert perennial, penstemon (also known, memorably, as beardtongue) is wonderfully versatile and undeniably popular among Xeriscape enthusiasts. There are hundreds of species to choose from, with a rainbow of colors represented. Rock penstemon is best for dry and rocky spaces while nodding penstemon does best with well-drained soil and a well-regulated irrigation system.

  • Hot Pink
  • Rose-Purple
  • White
  • Deep Magenta
  • Blue

Make the Most of Low Maintenance Desert Shrubs

Strategic plant selection is critical in hot and arid environments. Thankfully, there are plenty of gorgeous options. No matter which plants you install, expert landscaping services can ensure they look lovely throughout the year. If you’re in the Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, areas, reach out to Green America Tree & Landscaping today to learn more.

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