Landscape Maintenance

Choosing the right landscape maintenance services can improve your landscape’s look and long-term health. Finding the right company to mold and shape your yard is essential. Knowing the best maintenance options to ask for will allow you to take your Las Vegas property to the next level.

  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fertilization & Pest Control
  • Seasonal Cleanup

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn Requires Regular Mowing

One of the easiest ways to maintain a strong and healthy lawn is to cut it regularly. Scheduled lawn mowing keeps grass at the ideal height for photosynthesis and nutrient absorption. It also ensures the grass grows evenly throughout your yard so that each blade gets the correct amount of water and sunlight. We take your grass trimmings with us or mulch them into the lawn as you desire.

Take Care Of Weeds Before They Endanger Your Lawn

Get weeds under control early to prevent them from taking over your residential landscaping. Common Nevada weeds like burdock, sow thistle, and black medic may start small, but they love invading Las Vegas residential lawns. Eradicate them quickly by identifying the problem before they threaten your turf and ornamental plants.

Trim Your Trees Back To Take Them To New Heights

The best way to keep trees healthy is to know when they need to be trimmed or pruned. Overgrown trees can cause a mess and a hazard, providing places for birds and rodents to nest. A well-kept tree doesn’t just look better but promotes the health and growth of your tree overall. Scheduled trimming also thins out tree canopies to allow light to reach lower branches, ground-level plants, and grass to keep your landscaping happy.

Fertilization & Pest Control Will Protect Your Landscape

One of the best ways to prevent plant and soil disease is through fertilization and pest control. Fertilization influences grass growth and add nutrients lacking in the soil to grow healthy plants and improve their recuperative ability. Many fertilizers also contain pest control features to ensure that invading species aren’t allowed to flourish.

Seasonal Cleanup Helps Your Landscaping Survive All Year

A spring and fall cleanup schedule will allow your landscaping to better transition from one season to the next. Things like pine needles, branches, leaves, and other seasonal debris can smother grass, prevent new growth, and choke the life out of your garden plants if left on the ground. Leaf-blowing and removal will restore the clean and orderly look you love and allow your landscaping to flourish all year.

Customize Your Landscape Maintenance

Finding a Las Vegas company that can customize your residential landscape maintenance services to suit your property’s needs can be tricky. We offer a personalized maintenance plan that can incorporate a flexible schedule. From monthly lawn maintenance to seasonal care to annual tree trimming, all can be easily folded into your maintenance plan for any length of time.

  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Bi-Annually
  • Annually

Top Las Vegas Landscape Maintenance Team

You can rely on Green America Tree & Landscaping when you need professional landscape services. Our hardworking and experienced crew will work with you to understand your landscaping goals to create a maintenance plan that will leave a beautiful impression on the neighborhood. Receive an upfront quote and the ability to add on services throughout your service contract. Contact us today to schedule your landscape maintenance in Las Vegas!

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