The Best 5 Trees To Plant Around Your Pool

Do you have a pool in the Las Vegas area? Are you considering adding shade to beat the heat? A great natural solution is to choose desert-friendly trees for a beautiful, cooling effect that will only grow with time. The right shade trees for your pool won’t need much water and will be less likely to shed pollen, leaves, debris, flowers, or fruit into your pool—keeping the area clean, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Here are five great options to choose from and their main attributes.

1. Low-Maintenance Palm Trees For A Tropical Vibe

Palm trees are excellent choices for a poolside landscape, tolerating the sunny, hot climate of the Las Vegas area well.  They’re also very low maintenance—after they’re established, they only need water every few weeks. There are several different types of palms you may want to consider.

  • Queen’s Palm
  • Sago Palm
  • Cane Palm
  • Mediterranean Fan Palm
  • Windmill Palm

2. Sprawling Live Oak For Clean, Ample Shade

The Southern Live Oak doesn’t require much cleanup, so it’s an ideal choice for a pool area. This tree is one of the staples of Southwest because it provides plenty of shade with very little maintenance.

3. Tall, Fruitless Olive Trees For A Mediterranean Oasis

Fruitless olive trees are used to a Mediterranean climate but also grow in places with hot, dry summers. These trees can reach 25 to 30 feet in height and grow slowly. Once they’re established, they’re very drought tolerant, and there isn’t any fruit to worry about.

4. Attract Butterflies With Green Emerald Blueberry

This tree is evergreen, so it will keep its leaves regardless of climate or weather. While it needs regular water, it also thrives in a sunny environment, and the blooms in summer will attract butterflies to your yard.

5. Palo Verde: A Low Maintenance Desert Willow

Palo Verde trees love sandy soil that’s well-drained and a full-sun environment. They look similar to willow trees and will often reach 20 to 40 feet in height. Since they don’t like a lot of moisture, they’re good choices for a desert location and need very little maintenance.

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If you have a pool in the Las Vegas, N. Las Vegas, or Henderson areas, Green America Tree & Landscaping can help you create a beautiful oasis you can enjoy for a long time. By choosing trees with good shade coverage and a shallower root system, you can reduce maintenance time—and any risks to your pool area. Whether for a commercial or residential application, landscape options can go a long way toward creating a comfortable, enjoyable space that’s easy to care for and meets all your needs. Call us today to find out how we can help you create the lush poolside landscape of your dreams.

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