HOA Landscape Design: What You Need To Know

When you live in a neighborhood that’s part of a homeowner’s association you have some specific rules and guidelines you need to follow. One of those has to do with the landscape design you can choose for your yard. Here’s what you need to consider, so you can get your landscaping vision approved by the HOA.

Ensure Your HOA Approves Plans Before You Landscape

If you start landscaping before you get approval from your HOA, they might fine you or even force you to remove it (or both). While that can be very frustrating, you can avoid that problem by making sure you have HOA approval before you start any work.

Know The HOA Rules For Your Neighborhood

HOAs often have particular rules for the outside of homes in their jurisdiction, and following them is the best way to enjoy your space and avoid any problems. While the process for getting approved usually isn’t complicated, it’s important that you follow it. Some HOAs have different rules than others, so read your documentation and seek landscaping approval the right way.

  • Get A Copy Of Your Bylaws
  • Read Landscaping Requirements
  • Ask Questions
  • Submit Documentation
  • Request Any Special Consideration
  • Wait for Approval

Submit Your Documents To Start The Process

Once you have all the information you need about HOA requirements, and you know the kind of design you want, you can fill out the paperwork and submit it to get approval. You may have a better chance at acceptance if you provide a 3D design that makes it easy for HOA board members to see exactly what the final product will look like.

The Value Of Working With A Landscape Designer

You can get some big benefits when you work with a designer for your landscaping needs, including much more peace of mind throughout the process. There’s no reason to stress about what your HOA is asking for when you can get let a professional handle the work—then sit back and enjoy your beautifully landscaped yard.

Get Landscaping Help & Design Support Today

If you’re in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson, NV areas, and looking for help to turn your yard into a personal oasis while following HOA rules, contact us today at Green America Tree & Landscaping. We understand the importance of having a great-looking lawn and can make sure it fits your neighborhood’s guidelines. Working with us provides a natural look for your outdoor space, so you can enjoy it more fully.

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