Avoid These 5 Landscaping Mistakes

If you are a business or homeowner in the Las Vegas area, it’s essential to understand that landscaping is slightly different in our dry, arid environment. But don’t worry—Green America Tree & Landscaping is here to help you avoid spending extra time and money. Here are five common mistakes people often make when sprucing up their topography.

  1. Dismissing Artificial Grass
  2. Hiring Uninsured Companies
  3. Forgetting To Be Eco-Friendly
  4. Using The Wrong Plants
  5. Not Working With A Pro

1. Overlooking The Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass

Avoid implementing water-intensive plants during the design phase. Consider drought-resistant artificial grass that is sustainable and functional while looking realistic. As a bonus, these lawns will look great year-round!

  • Low maintenance & Easy To Clean
  • Conserves Water
  • Eliminates The Need For Toxic Pesticides & Fertilizers
  • Reduces Lawn Equipment Expenses
  • Fewer Emissions Released Into The Environment

2. Finding Yourself Liable For Uninsured Companies

Both commercial and residential property owners can make a costly mistake if they hire an uninsured landscaper. It can make owners financially accountable should a worker get hurt, if the equipment is stolen or vandalized from the site, or if a neighbor’s property is damaged due to worker mistakes.

3. Not Planning An Eco-Friendly Landscape

Avoid adding strain to the surrounding environment by choosing species that can invite foreign animal or insect infestations. This can result in the loss of native plants, and eradicating invaders can require harsh chemicals that contaminate the soil. Eco-friendly landscapes can be a safe habitat for local and migrating species that help the ecosystem thrive.

4. Choosing Trees & Plants That Decrease Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important to buyers, and poor landscape designs can hurt property values. Whether it’s overdone, underdone, or challenging to landscape, some investors will overlook the listing. Attractive, well-maintained, and wisely laid out green spaces can add to the value of residential and commercial properties. According to real estate experts, inviting outdoor areas can increase the appeal and bring in as much as 10 percent of the property’s value.

5. Not Hiring A Professional Landscaper

Don’t skimp by trying to handle everything yourself or hiring an unqualified landscape company. Professionals know how to stylize and optimize your project and will have the local knowledge needed to help ensure that your scenery is beautiful, healthy, and realistic to maintain.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space Without Mistakes

Contact Green America Tree & Landscaping for your residential and commercial landscape design and installation needs. We are licensed and insured, and proudly work with property owners in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

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