8 Commercial Courtyard Landscaping Ideas

Building an eye-catching commercial courtyard with landscaping can be a challenge. Most businesses are looking for something that’s attractive, low-maintenance, and affordable. If your business is in the market for a new-look to your courtyard or if you’ve just finished a build and are looking to top off your design with new landscaping.

1. Paving Stone Accents

Create a pathway through your commercial courtyard using attractive paving stones or bricks embedded within grass or pebbles. You can also create patios and benches using pavers in a variety of sizes and colors.

2. Artificial Turf

Ditch the constant maintenance needs, and invest in artificial turf. These days, fake grass looks almost exactly like the real thing — except, it’s far easier to keep around, and it costs next to nothing to maintain once installed.

3. Water Features

Everybody loves a water feature. Install a fountain that acts as a center point within the courtyard, or consider a mosaic water wall, birdbaths, or a pond.

4. Raised Garden Beds

Depending on your level of commitment, cultivating actual vegetables and fruits in raised garden beds can be a stunning and productive improvement to your courtyard. Also, you can fill the raised beds with flowers or succulents and have another place for employees to sit for lunch or brainstorming sessions.

5. Perennials

When incorporating flowers into your commercial landscaping design, be sure to include perennials wherever possible. Unlike annuals, perennials are a one-time expense and bloom every spring without needing replanting.

6. A Golf Putting Green

Add some sport to your site with a golf putting green. It’s an excellent use of space and a great way to provide fun activities for your employees and/or customers.

7. Shade

Provide a lovely shaded area where employees can sit and relax on their lunch breaks or customers can enjoy themselves when visiting your space. Shade can also help keep indoor energy costs down.

8. Xeriscapes

Lastly, consider “xeriscaping” your landscape design by reducing the need for water and irrigation. You’ll help the environment and lower utility spending.

Discover Your New Landscape Today

Good-looking landscaping around your business has a multitude of benefits. It’s great for curb appeal and attracting more customers. If you’re looking to hire a landscaping company in the Las Vegas area, Green America Tree & Landscaping offers stunning and affordable landscape and hardscape design services for businesses. To get a free estimate on your commercial landscaping project, give us a call today.

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