7 Best Palm Trees For Las Vegas

Trees are a vital aspect of any landscape design, especially in the Las Vegas desert. Aside from adding splashes of color and visual appeal, oxygen-producing, pollution-reducing trees are an important part of the local ecosystem. When considering landscaping ideas for your Las Vegas or Henderson area home or business, don’t overlook these seven majestic palm tree types.

  • Pineapple Palm
  • Date Palm
  • Piru Queen Palm
  • King Palm
  • Fan Palms
  • Sago Palm
  • Pindo Palm

Add Elegance With Pineapple Palms

You know those trees that look just like pineapples growing out of the ground, with short stubby trunks and tall, arching green fronds? Formally known as Canary Island date palms, these attractive trees are hardy, durable, and low maintenance, don’t require much water, and withstand both full desert sun and cold winter temperatures.

Create A Resort-Like Feel With Date Palms

Date palms, which can grow as high as 60 feet, look great planted in rows or groups. They also work well near swimming pools, where their broad fronds create shade and help create a resort-like atmosphere. Here in Southern Nevada, most people plant this variety for their stately appeal, although you can also harvest their namesake fruit.

Enjoy The Versatility Of Piru Queen Palms

Low maintenance, heat- and drought-tolerant Piru queen palms are suitable for almost any type of backdrop here in the Vegas Valley. Reaching heights of 35 feet, they work well in full sun and offer a grand, stately appearance with their deep green fronds and full crowns.

Make A Statement With Dramatic King Palms

This variety tends to be slightly shorter in stature than queen palms. Yet, their bright green, feathery fronds and smooth trunks offer a majestic appearance that many property owners prefer.

Achieve A Tropical Look With A Collection Of Fan Palms

Like other varieties we’ve discussed so far, fan palms are hardy, drought and heat-tolerant trees that do very well in Southern Nevada. Statuesque Mexican fans can grow very tall, offering that highly sought-after resort aesthetic.

Mediterranean fan palms, in contrast, are a smaller variety that thrives when planted in clusters, requires little maintenance, and works equally well as barrier walls or container plants.

Delight In The Ancient Beauty Of Sago Palms

Believe it or not, sagos aren’t actually palm trees, even though they look like they are. Sagos, which have been around for millions of years, are cycads, a type of plant closely related to pine trees. Regardless of their name, these are highly attractive, drought-hardy, and just plain beautiful additions to any yard.

Enjoy The Slow Growth & Tasty Fruit Of Pindo Palms

If you want tropical beauty without the height, you can’t go wrong with Pindo palms. These lovely silver or bluish-grey fronded specimens have brilliant blooms in the summer and produce an edible fruit that makes a delicious jelly. They work great in flowered landscapes, whether planted in the ground or containers.

Palm Tree Installation & Maintenance In Las Vegas, NV

Are you ready to green up your yard or business property with desert-friendly palm trees? Contact Green America Tree & Landscaping today and let us know what varieties you’re looking for.

Our tree planting experts will select and install the best quality specimens suitable for your landscaping project to ensure you can enjoy their beauty for many years to come. We also offer palm tree service. Give us a call to find out more.

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