5 Commercial Landscaping Trends To Enhance Your Business

Some businesses don’t realize the value of commercial landscape design, but creating a relaxing, multi-purpose environment is a great way to impress visitors. Updating your landscaping can give your company a facelift that attracts new customers and boosts morale. Keep these commercial landscape trends in mind when enhancing the space around your Las Vegas commercial property.

  1. Recreational Areas
  2. Sensory Experiences
  3. Sustainable Landscaping
  4. Integrated Spaces
  5. Decorative Backdrops

1. Create Recreational Areas That Encourage Longer Stays

Create a welcoming and popular place to be seen by installing attractive outdoor areas that encourage customers to extend their stay. Consider installing benches, picnic tables, or relaxation zones that offer plenty of shade and a space for employees to enjoy their breaks.

2. Offer A Sensory Experience That Creates A Relaxing Atmosphere

People will be encouraged to linger at your business if you establish a relaxing outdoor sensory experience that involves multiple senses. Installing water features and colorful and fragrant flowering plants can create a calming tranquil atmosphere. Even a Zen garden or a lovely light display can appeal to many guests.

3. Install Sustainable Landscaping Features For The Future

Many people are becoming more concerned about sustainability and environmental responsibility. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where landscape watering has been restricted for some time. Establishing an eco-friendly landscape is a great idea to plan for the future. It can be achieved in many ways, including:

  • Sustainable Water Use
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Native & Pollinating Plants
  • Rain Gardens
  • Collecting Rainwater

4. Establish Integrated Indoor & Outdoor Spaces To Create Interest

Establishing a connection between the indoors and outdoors is another way to boost your business’s appeal and create interest. Some opportunities may lie in options for rooftop respites, mobile garden containers, vertical wall gardens, and break rooms that expand into patios.

5. Develop Decorative Backdrops To Increase Engagement

Businesses that rely on foot traffic can use ready-made backgrounds to take advantage of social media trends and increase customer engagement. With interesting and colorful backdrops, these simple and cost-effective displays can attract younger patrons and increase traffic and word-of-mouth about your company.

  • Brilliant Seasonal Flower Displays
  • Vertical Garden Walls
  • Photos
  • Company Logos
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Product Specials

Need Guidance to Make Your Business More Appealing

Our professional landscapers at Green America Tree & Landscaping can make the area around your Las Vegas or Henderson commercial property exceptional all year round. Contact us today to upgrade your commercial landscaping with the newest trends to attract customers.

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