What Type Of Landscape Should I Choose?

The difference between a thriving and dying landscape can come down to the type of landscaping you choose. The Las Vegas area presents an especially challenging climate to build a healthy garden. Water and soil conditions can be significant obstacles to overcome, and smart solutions are required to allow your property to shine. Several sustainable designs can work well under these conditions that suit both your style and your budget.

  • Xeriscape
  • Woodland
  • Tropical
  • Desert
  • Japanese Garden

Optimize Water Consumption Through Xeriscaping

With a limited amount of water and moisture-retaining techniques, you can bring a harmonious balance to your yard through xeriscaping. By installing various plants with minimal water consumption and using decorative rocks and mulch in place of expensive turf and grass, you can cut water costs without sacrificing style. Customized hardscapes can also add to the structure of the area to create more visual interest.

Bring The Beauty Of The Forest Home

Hope is not lost if you long for the thickets of the forest while living in the desert. Installing plenty of trees, such as maple, walnut, and oak, as well as various shrubs and flowers in a randomized organic pattern, works well in this environment and can mimic a natural forest. Pine, redwood, and cedar trees also grow quickly to jumpstart your own personal woodland. Some tree species are also available in dwarf sizes to keep your landscape installation minimal without losing the theme.

Show Off With A Stunning Tropical Paradise

If you’re going for a lush, vibrant look, a tropical landscaping installation might be just what you need to wow guests with bold contrast. When building a tropically-themed landscape, it’s all about creating an experience through focal points. Tall palm trees, orchids, and tropical flowers combined with smart water features can create a sense of movement throughout your tropical paradise.

Use Native Plants That Are Accustomed To The Desert

Desert landscaping is a natural fit for an easy, low-maintenance option that reduces your carbon footprint. It trades grass and water-hungry plants for drought-resistant desert dwellers, such as cacti and succulents. Aloe, yucca, and other native species already adapted to the arid conditions help expand this type of landscaping into a miniature desert oasis. Fire pits and stone benches can help create a cozy atmosphere that brings everyone together.

Create Balance With A Japanese Garden

Constructing a Zen landscape with Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist influences can bring a tranquil tone that puts guests at ease. Decorative rocks and raked sand features give elegance to hardscape, while traditional plants, water features, and Japanese statuary bring calming life to the area. Simplicity and serenity are the principles of this type of landscaping, and it is designed to flow more naturally with your surroundings.

The Creative Edge In Professional Landscape Experts

Whichever type of landscaping you choose, using a professional landscaping company to take care of every aspect is the best way to achieve your vision. You can count on the experience of Green America Tree & Landscaping to complete the look you want flawlessly and within your budget. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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