5 Back Yard Desert Landscape Design Ideas

Drought tolerant plants, xeriscapes, cacti — planning a yard that you love without the consistent struggle of trying to grow things in the Las Vegas climate can be a challenge. You don’t want a super high water bill, but you still want a lawn with color and personality — conundrum.

The good news is you have options! At Green America Tree & Landscaping, we’ve put together 5 backyard desert landscape ideas to beautify your property anywhere in the Vegas Valley.

  1. Child-Friendly Turf
  2. A Desert Plant Color Explosion
  3. A Yard For Entertaining
  4. Low Maintenance Rock Landscape
  5. Multi-Level Zen Gardens

1. Child-Friendly Artificial Turf

Fake grass with stepping stones is both child-friendly and pet-friendly. With artificial grass installation, the kids have a soft place to land during play, and Fido has a cool place to rest after a game of fetch.

2. A Color Explosion Of Desert Flowering Trees & Plants

If your backyard oasis isn’t complete without a few pops of color, consider installing native desert trees and plants that bloom throughout the year. Your desert landscaper can help you choose plant varieties that flower at alternating times, so you always have something pretty to look at while viewing from a window or relaxing in your yard.

3. In Vegas, We Entertain

Who doesn’t have family members or friends visiting Vegas at least once a year? Sure, The Strip and neighborhood Casinos like The M or Red Rock can be fun, but what do you do the rest of the time?

You can make your own backyard the perfect entertainment space with patio pavers, waterfalls, and areas shaded by beautiful palms, shrubs, and other types of desert-friendly trees.

4. Low Maintenance Rock Landscaping

Desert landscaping can easily bring to mind one thing, decorative rock. With an experienced landscape designer on your side, you can design a backyard full of boulders, and varieties of colorful stones from gravel to river rock, succulents, cacti, and low-water trees.

With careful xeriscape planning and drip irrigation installation, you can still have growing plants without a lot of wasted water, moving, and weeding to worry about.

5. Relax In Your Own Multi-Level Zen Garden

Unless you’re exploring canyons or cruising Mount Charleston, everywhere from North Las Vegas to Henderson can seem pretty flat. Your backyard doesn’t have to be. With retaining walls, steps, and raised garden beds, you can have your landscaper give your yard a lift. Mix in grass, rock, stepping stones, and even paving stones or brick mosaics for your own personal zen escape.

Desert Landscaping Design In Las Vegas

You don’t have to settle. When every square foot of the Vegas Valley comes in at a premium, why not take advantage of every square inch of your property — including the backyard? Contact us at Green America Tree & Landscaping to schedule a desert landscaping design consultation today.

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