Retaining Walls & Raised Gardens

Beautify your Las Vegas home or business with brick and stone retaining walls and raised beds by Green America Tree & Landscaping. Find out how these hardscaping installations can improve the look, feel, and usability of your yard.

Thinking Outside The Cinder Block Box

When you think about retaining walls, do images of standard breeze block structures come to mind? Although cinder block construction has its place in Southern Nevada, there are many attractive, equally functional hardscaping options for you to choose from.

Timber retaining walls aren’t necessarily suitable for our harsh climate. We invite you to consider these durable alternatives.

  • Poured Concrete
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Gabion
  • Windsor Stone

The Value Of Retaining Walls

Block walls around and between homes create a clear boundary between adjacent properties or entire neighborhoods. But you can use smaller versions within your landscaping space. Retaining walls help overcome sloped areas, deter runoff, help control erosion, and increase your usable land.

Add Focal Points & Visual Appeal

On a more aesthetic note, choosing attractive materials and working with a professional landscape designer can also increase curb appeal and add value to your property. Think tree retaining walls, garden walls, or just adding curving stone or brick structures that follow your property’s natural contours.

Raised Beds Make Desert Gardening Easier

Are you looking to add splashes of color or even grow a bit of food on your property? Trying to coax life out of the Las Vegas clay, sand, and caliche is an exercise in frustration, but raised beds can help simplify your planting jobs.

From design and construction to soil installation, plant selection, planting, and ongoing maintenance, you can trust Green America Tree & Landscaping with your raised bed and garden edging projects.

  • Spiral Gardens
  • Raised Bed Borders
  • Brick Beds
  • Planter Rings

A Word On Windsor Walls & Beds

Windsor walls are affordable and lightweight solutions for both retaining walls and raised bed projects up to 2 feet high. Featuring a rear-lip locator, they offer a timeless look and easy installation without pins or mortars.

Las Vegas Hardscaping Services

Have you been thinking about building raised beds or a retaining wall? Call Green America Tree & Landscaping to schedule a consultation. Our landscaping design and installation team are ready to help you achieve the yard of your dreams.

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