4 Grass Alternatives For Las Vegas Lawns

If you still have a grass lawn, why not let Green America Tree & Landscaping help you reduce your water bill and maintenance time with a more environmentally friendly option? We offer commercial landscaping and lawn replacement services in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson areas.

Here are 4 great grass-free landscaping ideas to consider.

  1. Artificial Turf
  2. Decorative Rock
  3. Pavers & Brick Landscaping
  4. Drought Tolerant Garden

1. Consider Installing Fake Grass

You can achieve the same visual effects of having a pristine green lawn in front of your house without wasting water when you install synthetic turf. As a bonus, you’ll never have to worry about mowing it, pulling weeds, or adding fertilizer.

2. Replace Your Lawn With Decorative Rock


Las Vegas Landscaping Design

Many Las Vegas homeowners have already opted for rock, gravel, or pebble landscaping in order to conserve water. From classic sandstone to exotic lava rock or marble chips, there are so many options that you can choose from when designing the rock xeriscape you want.

If you want a smoother, flatter landscape that’s safer for children to play on, you may want to consider sand, mulch, soil, or wood chips, which are safer to fall onto compared to rocks.

3. Install Bricks Or Pavers

Pavers and bricks are great for building visually pleasing patios, decks, paths, gazebos, and other functional structures. They’re practical, desert-friendly, and can be used to create a lovely rustic aesthetic.

4. Fill Your Yard With Desert Plants

If you want to add some natural greenery to your yard, you may want to consider a garden filled with drought-tolerant plants that are adapted to a desert climate. Cacti, lantana, desert marigold, sagebrush, mesquite trees, and succulents are all excellent options.

Desert landscaping requires significantly less water than traditional lawns, trees, and flower gardens.

Lawns Will Eventually Become Illegal

The Nevada governor recently signed Assembly Bill 356, which will ban all nonfunctional turf in the Las Vegas Valley by 2026. Don’t wait for the prices to go up and scramble at the last minute to have your grass removed.

Green America Tree & Landscaping can help ensure that you’re in compliance with this new law several years in advance.

Rebates For Water Smart Landscaping

Grass replacement may even help you save money in the long run. If you replace your lawn with desert-friendly landscaping, you may be eligible to receive up to $3 per square foot from the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Professional Desert Landscaping In Las Vegas

If you’re ready to switch to artificial turf, decorative rock, or another lawn alternative, Green America Tree & Landscaping can help you get rid of all that grass. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or receive a quote.

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