10 Trees That Reduce Heat & Optimize Shade

Landscape design is a major part of your home’s appearance, but it can also play a major role in keeping you cool and even help with energy bills by cooling your home. In Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, it’s also important to consider whether your landscaping is drought-tolerant. Green America Tree & Landscaping in Las Vegas carries a variety of water-smart trees that can work with the desert landscape to cool off your home when the dog days of summer strike.

1. Majestic Ash: Tall, Deep-Rooted Shade

The majestic ash has roots that grow above and below ground, so it’s best to plant it away from patios, homes, and septic tanks. It grows up to 70 feet tall, producing a lot of shade in the backyard.

  • Drought Tolerant.
  • Likes Most Soil Types.
  • Pest & Disease Resistant.

2. Tipu: Unique, Textured Bark

The Tipu is unique because of its distinctive twisted, cinnamon-colored bark. It’s fast-growing, so plant it away from structures—it makes a great boundary tree.

  • Medium To Large Shade Canopy
  • Golden Blooms In Spring
  • Drought-Tolerant Once Established

3. Raywood Ash: Beautiful Fall Foliage Adds Autumn Color

The Raywood Ash grows up to 60 feet tall and needs plenty of room in the backyard. The dark green leaves turn red, orange, and yellow in the fall, adding color to the desert landscape.

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Red Blooms In Spring
  • Large Canopy & Loves Full Sun

4. Chilean Mesquite: Arid With A Large Canopy

The Chilean mesquite has full foliage, making this a great shade tree. This native plant should be at least 20 feet away from building structures to avoid problems caused by its invasive roots. It loves full sun, so pick a spot where it gets sun all day.

  • Drought Resistance
  • Grows Up To 40 Ft
  • Fast Growth

5. Hearty Ironwood For Low-Maintenance Shade

The ironwood tree is low-maintenance and sturdy, with dense foliage, making it the perfect shade tree. Planting several in the backyard can give you a large shaded area.

  • Drought Resistance
  • Survives In Poor Soil
  • Grows Up To 40 Ft.

6. Fruitless Olive: Evergreen, Mediterranean Charm

The fruitless olive tree is a drought-resistant, medium-sized shade tree that provides plenty of shade to help cool the backyard. This tree is evergreen, bears no fruit, and needs at least 8 hours of sun.

  • Silvery Green Foliage
  • Ornamental—Can Be Manicured
  • Multi-Trunk Structure

7. Blossoming Crepe Myrtle: “Lilac Of The South”

The crepe myrtle shines in the spring with its abundant blossoms in various colors, then again in the fall with bright orange, red, and gold foliage. It should be placed in full sunlight with well-drained soil and good air circulation.

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Grows Up To 30 Ft.

8. Shumard Oak: A Sun-Loving Tree With A Broad Canopy

The Shumard oak grows up to 50 feet with a 50-foot canopy. You can plant it far enough away from the house not to damage it and still reap the benefits of shade near it.

  • Drought Resistant
  • Perfect For Patio & Deck Shade
  • Grows 13 to 24 In. Annually

9. Desert Museum Palo Verde: A Fast-Growing Tree With Gorgeous Blossoms

The desert museum palo verde provides a ton of shade and is fast-growing, making this a perfect shade tree in the backyard. It only needs occasional water, and its blossoms last longer than any other in its species.

  • Yellow Flowers
  • Drought Resistant
  • Multi-Trunk Form

10. Vitex, Or Chaste Tree: A Small Tree With Lush Blooms 

The vitex is a smaller tree that produces gorgeous purple flowers. It quickly grows to 10-15 ft—perfect for shading a patio or backyard gathering area.

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Attracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies
  • Multi-Trunk Growth

Cool Your Yard & Home With Our Guidance On Water-Smart Shade Trees

When doing a backyard remodel, consider trees that add a full canopy to help keep the area and your home cooler. The trees you choose should be water-smart or drought resistant to help keep maintenance low, conserve water, and keep the trees from dying in the hot Las Vegas summers. Contact Green America Tree & Landscaping today to get started on your plan for a cooler, shade-canopied backyard oasis.

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