Water Smart Contractor

As Las Vegas continues to deal with an ongoing drought, there is a great demand to reduce water usage for landscaping. By going with a water-smart contractor, you can minimize the amount of water used for landscaping and learn how to maximize the impact of the water you use through smart irrigation.

What Is A Water Smart Contractor?

A water smart contractor is a contractor who designs landscaping and irrigation based on conservation methods. These contractors look at where water use will be the most needed, and how to best channel its flow. They also use drip sprinklers to minimize evaporation. The result is a better use of the rain you do have and less dependency on irrigation reducing your total usage without sacrificing the beauty and color of your outdoor living space.

Why Do You Want A Water-Smart Landscape?

This type of landscaping will save you money on irrigation, while still providing your outdoor space with the lush look you want. Plants will be selected based on the amount of irrigation needed and how well they are adapted to the unique environment in which you live. Keeping with desert-friendly plants helps to reduce the amount of maintenance needed as well.

Importance Of An Efficient Landscape

When your outdoor space is efficiently designed and irrigated the result is a more eco-friendly setting that is maintenance efficient and consumes less water. This means less time doing yard work and lower bills.

Options for Landscapes

There are several options for water-smart landscapes, one of the best options is a process called xeriscaping. Xeriscaping uses features like rocks and dry elements to create a pleasing outdoor space that is less dependent on water but still lush and colorful.

  • Rock gardens
  • Desert Friendly Trees, Groundcover, & Shrubs
  • Mulched Beds
  • Decking
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Beautiful Paths

Choose a Water Smart Contractor in Las Vegas

Get on board with a water-smart contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada today. At Green America Tree and Landscaping we are ready to help you design your future landscape to be both beautiful and desert-friendly. Contact us today to get started.

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