Why Drainage Is Critical To Your Landscape

You want your plants to be lush, healthy, and beautiful. A key way to achieve this is by incorporating proper drainage—ideally during the construction stage of a new build. Putting the proper structures in place will prevent water pooling in low areas and avoid attracting mosquitoes and other insects. With help from the experienced team at Green America Tree & Landscaping in Henderson, NV, your business can have a glorious-looking landscape in no time.

How Can Drainage Issues Damage Landscapes?

If you don’t include a drainage plan, many potential problems can occur. Excessive water in your yard leads to root rot, damage to your hardscapes, and unattractive swampy areas. It could also cause more severe issues that can harm your wallet and your health—like flooding, damage to your foundations, or the attraction of harmful, disease-causing pests.

  • Unhealthy Soil: Waterlogged soil rots plant roots, making them vulnerable to disease. It can also attract mosquitoes and other pests that endanger the health of your pets as well as you & your family.
  • Unstable Soil: Poor drainage can displace soil, leading to erosion & undermining the stability of your plants.
  • Sinking Hardscapes: When too much moisture accumulates in the soil, it can cause walkways and retaining walls to sink.
  • Sloping Can Cause Flooding: If your lawn slopes toward a building rather than away from it, you could end up with flooding.
  • Sunken Areas Drown Plants: Low areas may trap water, killing vegetation.

How Can Drainage Issues Be Remedied?

Thankfully, including drainage in your landscape planning offsets these problems. By including a plan for managing excess water from a sudden deluge, you can take control of your landscaping and maintain healthy soil, healthy plants, and a level, stable yard that will not compromise your hardscapes or foundation.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Installing the proper drainage system helps keep your lawns & gardens attractive & healthy, giving you control over your landscape despite the weather.
  • Keep Things Level: Grading your yard to even out high and low spots prevents water flow from causing erosion & structural instability for your plants, hardscapes, & foundation.
  • Install Drains: Installing French drains and catch basins removes excess water from your foundation, & safely directs water away from buildings.
  • Increase Soil Moisture Capacity: You can add things to the soil, such as compost or manure, to increase the amount of water it holds, making it less likely to become waterlogged.

We Can Help You Find The Right Drainage Solutions

If you’re struggling with some of these issues, or haven’t yet incorporated drainage into your landscaping plan, call us today. Our team will assist you in finding the right solutions for the topography and characteristics of your property. Green America Tree & Landscaping will guide you through your drainage issues or help you schedule a consultation in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, area.

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