Top 5 Landscaping Trends In 2022

Enjoying outdoor activity has become a new focus for many people during the coronavirus pandemic. With more time spent at home, many people have chosen to enhance their yards with landscaping projects intended to beautify outdoor spaces and increase functionality. Here are five popular landscaping trends that have recently taken off and are expected to continue into 2022. If you need help incorporating any of these ideas into your Las Vegas or Henderson landscape, Green America Tree & Landscaping is happy to help.

  1. Creating Eco-Friendly Spaces
  2. Blending In With Natural Landscapes
  3. Creating Outdoor Havens
  4. Returning To Minimalist Style
  5. Growing Edibles Where Possible

1. Creating Eco-Friendly Spaces

There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight to the severe Southern Nevada drought. For this reason, eco-friendly, water-smart spaces are becoming increasingly popular. Xeriscaping with decorative rock and pavers interspersed with colorful drought-tolerant plants is one increasingly popular method that helps save water while promoting native plant growth. If you still crave the lush appearance of a green lawn, adding patches of realistic-looking fake grass to your desert landscaping is an excellent choice.

2. Blending In With Natural Landscapes

Instead of trying to create a forest or tropical theme, which can be jarring to look at in the desert Southwest, Las Vegas area homeowners in 2022 are more likely to choose designs that blend in seamlessly with natural landscapes. Take a trip to Red Rock Canyon or Valley Of Fire to seek inspiration, select native-style rocks and pebbles, drought-hardy plants, and add a cactus and succulent garden for a genuine southwestern appeal.

3. Creating Outdoor Havens

Many homeowners, exhausted from months of pandemic lockdowns, are looking to create comfortable outdoor areas in which to relax and entertain family and friends. Pavilions, pergolas, and large patios with alfresco kitchens and professionally installed lighting systems will continue to trend in 2022.

4. Returning to Minimalist Style

Extravagance is out, and minimalism is in. Minimalism works equally well in small spaces and larger yards; it is also budget-friendly and water-smart. In the Southern Nevada desert, minimalism is especially suited to xeriscaping projects. Carefully selected desert plants and trees interspersed with gravel or paved walkways and patios offer simple elegance without breaking the bank.

5. Growing Food

The pandemic and periodic supply-chain issues have piqued many people’s interest in food gardening. Although the desert offers many challenges, it is entirely possible to grow delicious and nutritious crops with the right beds and soil improvements in place. Installing raised beds and the proper irrigation can go a long way towards ensuring your success.

Need Landscaping Design Help?

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