8 Landscape Lighting Ideas For Enchanted Evenings

Are you looking for a way to add some intrigue and sparkle to your entertainment spaces after dark? Creative landscape lighting can transform your outdoor areas into enchanting spaces for evening parties and get-togethers. If you’re not sure where to start, consider these eight winning ideas from Green America Tree & Landscaping.

1. Use Spotlighting To Highlight Decorative Elements

Does your garden have a decorative element or water feature you want to highlight? Make it come alive after dusk with strategically placed spotlights that shine light directly on it. Use colored lights to change the overall look of the spotlight, or stick with traditional lighting to simply highlight this design element of your space.

2. Play With Warm & Cool Lighting To Switch Ambiances

Using warm vs. cool lighting will change the ambiance of your yard—consider playing with these options. With LED lighting, you can change the color temperature easily by simply changing out the individual bulb. Generally speaking, use warm bulbs with ratings between 2500K and 2700K for highlighting architecture while illuminating your plants with cool bulbs between 3000K and 4000K.

3. Consider Differentiating Activity Zones By Color

Use lighting to illuminate areas where people will be active after dark—so they’re safe and easily usable.  Consider using different colored bulbs to highlight various zones of activity.

  • Fire pit
  • Seating and lounge areas
  • Outdoor cooking space
  • Pool or hot tub
  • Deck

4. String Fairy Strands Overhead For Relaxing Areas

Twinkling festoon lighting makes people feel more relaxed. String these above your lounge or hammock to create relaxation zones. These spaces encourage people to unwind after a long day and create a subtle, sparkly glow.

5. Play With Height To Create Visual Interest

Don’t keep all of your lighting on one level. Use solar-powered bulbs to line the edges of walkways, wall sconces to highlight the door to your home, and strings of bulbs to add additional lighting to your outdoor living areas. Layering these at different heights will make your yard more engaging.

6. Use Water To Reflect Luminosity Into Your Yard

If you have water in your yard, such as a pool or pond, place decorative landscape lighting nearby. This will create an enchanting, mirrored effect. After dark, the glow will bounce off of the water in a cool reflection.

7. Invest In Statement Pieces For Added Drama

With the right design in mind, you can add a statement lamp fixture to your outdoor living area. Hang a chandelier from your patio awning or in your gazebo. Just ensure you have adequate structures to hold its weight and electrical elements.

8. Hang Sconces Or Strings From The Wall

Finally, mount some wall lamps, sconces, or fairy strands on the wall of your patio or home. They’ll reflect against the wall to throw attractive, enchanting radiance around your space. This design also helps limit light pollution to your neighbors’ homes.

Let Us Help Plan Your Landscape Lighting Design Today

Do you want to make the most out of your landscape lighting for enchanting evenings? Choosing the right design matters—we can help you achieve the illuminated landscape of your dreams for your next gathering. Schedule an appointment with the team at Green America Tree & Landscaping today.

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