Drip Irrigation Systems Vs Sprinklers

Keeping your Las Vegas lawns, gardens, and commercial landscaping green takes time, care, and water. With so many types of landscape irrigation available, how do you choose the right watering system? At Green America Tree & Landscaping, we design and install both drip irrigation and traditional sprinkler systems for our Vegas Valley home and business customers.

Identifying Your Watering Needs

We’ve put together sprinkler and drip irrigation pros and cons to help you make an educated choice, but are more than happy to consult with you on a solution that works for your unique property. Here are just a few questions to consider when deciding how to water your landscapes.

  • How large is your property?
  • Will you be watering large areas of lawn or smaller, decorative garden spaces?
  • Is your landscape made up of more shallow or deep-rooted plants?
  • Are your plants more prone to disease and rot, or are they more sturdy?
  • What is your irrigation installation budget like?
  • How much upkeep do you have time for?
  • How concerned are you about local drought conditions and utility costs?

How Do Sprinkler Systems Work?

Your sprinkler system, or overhead spray system, will either be made up of a series of sprinkler heads and hoses or built-in networks of pipes with only the heads sticking up above ground. Pressure forces water through your hoses or pipes it out through specialized heads, designed to distribute droplets evenly or according to a specific pattern.

Pros Of Traditional Sprinklers

Overhead spray can cover a lot of ground quickly. So, these setups are typically the go-to choice for large lawns, golf courses, sports fields, and commercial green spaces that include a lot of grass.

  • Coverage For Large Lawns
  • Great For Flat, Uniform Landscaping
  • Affordable Options Available
  • Timer Installation For Optimal Convenience

Cons Of This Type Of Lawn Irrigation

Sprinklers water your landscaping in a more shallow way. Sprinkling droplets from above your plants prevents water from penetrating deep into your soils and makes evaporation more likely. Up to 80% of your expensive irrigation water can end up evaporating, contributing to water waste in our already dry Nevada environment.

It’s easier to unintentionally nourish weeds and waterlog sensitive plants with this top-centered, non-specific type of irrigation.

  • Not Great For Oddly Shaped Properties
  • Uneven Watering Potential — Waterlogged Plants Closer To Heads
  • Heads & Hoses Can Be Damaged
  • Up To 80% Water Waste
  • More Weeds

What Is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation systems are typically made up of soaker hoses, specialized tubing, or PVC pipes. Micro-irrigation piping or tubing is installed on or near the ground and slowly dispenses water in a controlled way directly into the soil. These trickle systems work best in gardens, desert landscaping with plants and trees that still need moisture, and commercial spaces with smaller decorative garden areas or large, outdoor potted trees and plants.

Pros Of Drip Irrigation Systems

As you can imagine, drip irrigation starts low to the ground and penetrates soil better than traditional sprinklers. You can nourish deeper root growth and keep water off sensitive stems and leaves. You don’t have to worry about massive amounts of evaporation or wastefully watering the sidewalk.

  • Encourages Deeper Root Growth
  • Works Fine For Uneven Ground
  • Targets Specific Plants
  • Reduces The Spread Of Plant Disease, Rot, Or Mold
  • Perfect For Gardens & Decorative Landscapes
  • Less Water Waste & Lower Utility Bills

Cons Of Landscaping Drip Systems

While more eco-friendly and plant-friendly, drip irrigation is meant for smaller, localized greenery. Most trickle systems are installed above ground, making the equipment prone to UV and pest damage. Debris and our local hard water can clog up filters and outlets, which must be cleaned out to keep an efficient flow going.

  • Not For Large Areas Of Turf
  • Above Ground Equipment Prone To Damage
  • May Require More Maintenance
  • Discourages Invasive Weeds
  • Important To Think Ahead About Where To Place Outlets

Sprinkler Installation & Repair In Las Vegas

Now that you know the pros and cons of drip irrigation and sprinkler systems, you may decide to install both types of landscape watering. At Green America Tree & Landscaping, we can help you design, install, and maintain these systems whether you are taking care of your small Las Vegas backyard, Summerlin putting greens, or the planted areas of a Henderson area commercial mixed-use space. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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