How To Decide It Is Time To Remove A Tree

While you may not want to remove a tree from your landscaping, sometimes it’s unavoidable. A dead or dying tree could damage your home—or even injure or kill someone should a branch or the whole thing fall. Sometimes, you can get away with trimming it to bring it back to health, but when you can’t, Green America Tree & Landscaping in Las Vegas can help you safely remove it.

Deciding When To Remove A Tree From Your Landscape

When determining whether you should remove a tree versus simply trimming, consider the size of the tree and how much shade it provides—which is very important in keeping your house cool in Las Vegas. Also, consider the risk factors of keeping the tree as well as how it affects the look of your overall landscape and backyard. If you determine it’s unsafe to keep, whether due to a power line hazard or a pest infestation, it must come down. A local landscape company can safely take it down and provide yard cleanup.

Avoid Hazards & Hassles: Hire A Tree Removal Company

Once you decide that it has to come down, other factors must be taken into consideration, such as securing permits, avoiding hazards like power lines or other structures, and keeping clear of neighbors. If it falls the wrong way, it could cause extensive damage or even kill someone. When you hire a tree removal company, all of these potential issues will be handled using the equipment needed to do it safely.

Top Reasons For Swift Tree Removal

  • It Has A Disease Or Is Infested: Plant life can catch various diseases. It can also pick up bug infestations which can kill it. If the illness or infestation spreads too much, it will kill plant life and could continue to spread. The best way to get rid of a disease or infestation that got out of hand before you caught it is to remove it before it dies and damages your property.
  • You Can’t Take Care Of The Tree: If it requires pruning and you don’t have the time, money, ability, or patience to do it, it might be better to take it down before it becomes a hazard or develops a disease that could affect others near it.
  • It’s Too Close To Your Home: If it’s older and has grown so big that it’s encroaching on the house, it’s often better to remove it. If the wind is strong enough, it could knock it over—right on the house.
  • It’s Impeding Other Elements Near Your Property: If it is out of control and growing into power lines, dropping fruit on the street, blocking road signs, or becoming a hazard, it’s time to remove it.

Contact Our Experts For Safe, Hassle-Free Tree Removal

Cutting and removing larger flora is often dangerous, especially when it is close to your house’s power lines or the center is rotten. Always let a professional handle large plant removal. Whether you need tree or stump removal or just tree trimming, contact Green America Tree & Landscaping for a quote.

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