When And How Often Should I Trim My Trees?

When your tree is growing and thriving, trimming it may seem like an intimidating task. You may worry about stunting its growth or eliminating the display of flowers you look forward to every year. However, knowing how and when to trim is essential for growth, health, and safety. If you don’t know where to start, here are some things to keep in mind.

Why Is Trimming So Important?

Trimming keeps plants in good health. If it is done correctly, it will offer many benefits.

  • Encouraging Healthy Growth
  • Removing Dead & Diseased Branches
  • Shaping To Enhance Your Landscape
  • Encouraging More Flowers & Fruit
  • Keeping The Tree At A Manageable Height

Tree Type Determines When They Should Be Trimmed

The optimal time for tree trimming here in the desert differs from other colder parts of the United States. There are no one-size-fits-all rules, it all depends on the species you are working with.

  • Palm (July-August)
  • Deciduous (December-February)
  • Evergreen (March or September)
  • Citrus (February-March)
  • Fruit (December-February)
  • Maple (June-July)
  • Oak (December-February)

Tree Age Helps Determine How Often It Needs A Trim

A freshly planted sapling will require a different amount of trimming than a mature tree that has weathered many years. A young tree should be trimmed every one to two years for the first five years to secure growth and sustain its health for the long term. Mature trees that have become established in an area can generally go three to five years before they need to be maintained. Some, like the deciduous, can grow more quickly and require more frequent trimming, while slower-growing varieties, like the evergreen, can go even longer between cuts.

The Safest Way To Trim Your Trees

Though you may think tree trimming on your own is a good idea, there is the potential to cut trees back too much and permanently injure them, yourself, or your property.

This is why hiring a fully insured professional to trim and maintain your trees is the safest and easiest way to ensure their long and healthy lives. An expert can examine them for potential safety hazards or diseases, have the equipment necessary to do the job quickly, and be responsible for the clean-up afterward.

  • Ensuring That Trimming Happens At The Right Season
  • Removing All The Debris After The Job Is Done
  • Eliminate Dangerous Climbing For You
  • Keep You From Having To Buy Expensive Equipment

Landscaping Services In The Las Vegas Valley

Green America Tree & Landscaping LLC is passionate about the health and safety of the trees around you. We will ensure that any trees on your residential or commercial Las Vegas landscape receive the utmost respect and care they deserve. We even offer regularly scheduled maintenance for commercial properties. Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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