6 Elements To Include In A Modern Landscape Design

  1. Paths
  2. Native Plants
  3. Mulch
  4. Benches
  5. Shade
  6. Rocks

A modern landscape design should be attractive as well as functional. Including too many plants that need a lot of water and maintenance can be a pain and can also make your home’s landscaping difficult to care for. By keeping your landscape design realistic and manageable with just a few features, you can enjoy a well-cared-for, attractive property without a lot of work.

1. Calming Pathways

Pathways make it easy to navigate outdoor spaces without interfering with the beautiful plants and other landscaping features that you’ve planted. When choosing the position of garden pathways, consider the most natural routes that household members and friends may choose to walk through your property. Place pathways in a location that encourages them to stay on the path and avoid damaging any plants.

2. Sustainable, Easy To Care For Native Plants

There are many native plants in Las Vegas that will look good on a residential property, whether in the front yard or backyard.

Cacti rarely need to be watered and can last a long time without a lot of maintenance.
Succulents may need regular watering but are very hardy with little water.
Dessert flowers last a long time in dry conditions and add curb appeal as well as beauty.

3. Conserve Water With Mulch

Mulch makes it easy to conserve water in the ground after watering and also keeps roots cool in the heat of the day. Lay down mulch in garden beds and around plants to keep them healthy even in the hottest part of the summer. There are many types of mulch. Work with your landscape designer to choose the mulch that’s right for your property.

4. Benches Help You Relax

Benches provide seating outside, which encourages members of your household to spend more time enjoying your property. Place benches in areas near your patio or garden where you can enjoy the view.

5. Cool Off With Some Shade

Shade is an important part of any landscape design because it adds an element of visual interest and makes it possible for people to spend time on your property enjoying the natural beauty. Provide shade at regular intervals, preferably around benches where people will sit.

6. Rocks Make Maintenance A Snap

Rocks add visual interest to your landscape design. Best of all, rocks need no watering or maintenance. Work with professionals to include large, attractive rocks in places where they will add beauty to your property.

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