5 Design Elements To Create Privacy

One of the exciting things about owning a single-family home is the promise of seclusion. Unfortunately, many Nevada neighborhoods don’t offer much privacy outdoors. Creative strategy by Green America Tree & Landscaping can solve this problem—while increasing your home’s property value and benefitting the ecosystem at the same time. Consider including these elements in your landscape design to keep nosy neighbors away.

  1. Privacy Hedges
  2. Thick Evergreens
  3. Layered Trees
  4. Fast Growing Shrubs
  5. Utilizing Vertical Space

Plant Hedges For Sight & Noise Blocking Perimeters

Privacy hedges are welcome additions to any Nevada yard, blocking unwanted eyes and noise. Hedges are typically planted in the ground and enclose the whole yard. Alternatively, you can put hedges in oversized pots and use them to decorate the edges of your patio.

  • Bottlebrush
  • Carolina Cherry
  • Ficus Tree Column
  • Indian Laurel Column
  • Italian Cypress

Evergreens Have Permanent, Privacy Creating Foliage

Evergreen plants of all varieties are staples of privacy-oriented landscapes. As their name implies, evergreens hold onto their leaves, creating year-round, wall-to-wall privacy. Evergreen trees and shrubs develop a consistent appearance as they mature, which makes them an excellent backdrop for the rest of your landscape design. Choosing the right plants will help you create a personal haven that’s as beautiful inside its green walls as it is from the street.

  • Bay Laurel
  • Fruitless Olive
  • Japanese Blueberry
  • Live Oak
  • Southern Magnolia

Try A Varied, Colorful Approach With Layered Trees

You don’t need to rely on a single solution to create privacy. You can combine different elements to create an integrated, visually exciting screen. Landscapers often use trees as anchors or centerpieces of these layered solutions since they easily add texture, form, and shade to a yard. Flowering trees bring the bonus of seasonal color too.

  • Arizona Ash
  • Arizona Rosewood
  • Gray Thorn
  • Little Leaf Ash
  • Mexican Bird Of Paradise
  • Oleander
  • Palo Verdes

Consider Fast-Growing Shrubs For Natural Seclusion

Employing shrubs as a privacy tool helps your garden blend into the surrounding environment—something walls and fences can’t do. For the most natural and water-smart design, stick with shrubs native to desert climates, like the ones listed below. Fast growers will create an effective privacy screen within a couple of years. Plants that grow more slowly take longer to mature, but they’re worth the wait.

  • Bush Dalea
  • Desert Lavender
  • Evergreen Sumac
  • Hopseed
  • Jojoba
  • Quailbush
  • Sugar Bush
  • Texas Rangers

Maximize Space By Thinking Vertically To Create Living Walls

Some of the most creative outdoor privacy ideas revolve around a vertical garden. Add hanging baskets and flower boxes to your porch or deck. If you already have a lattice structure, plant some vines beneath it, like climbing jasmine or hydrangeas. These ideas can quickly create pockets of privacy and, over time, build living walls for your outdoor gathering places.

Start Your Las Vegas Backyard Remodel Today

You know when you’re on display—that feeling of being watched makes it harder to relax and enjoy your outdoor spaces. If you live in North Las Vegas or Henderson, contact Green America Tree & Landscaping. Our landscapers will help you create a beautiful, private outdoor retreat that suits your style and budget.

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