4 Things You Should Incorporate Into Your Landscape Design

Transform your landscape with innovative design from Green America Tree & Landscaping by including certain features in your design at your property in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, or Boulder City. We can remodel your landscape by adding some definition, maybe a wall, or strategically placing pavers around your acreage to create a unique experience for you and your guests.

4 Things You Can Incorporate Into Your Landscape Design

  1. Edging Defines The Landscape
  2. We Design Berms For Function & Beauty
  3. A Simple Flagstone Wall Is An Artistic Border
  4. Pathway Of Gravel Or Flagstone Adds Romance

1. Edging Defines Your Landscape

Let’s create visually interesting areas in your garden. We use moderately priced edging material that will stand up to the seasons and hold the line, such as steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Our team will install material that will last and secure it deeply into the ground to create a beautiful border and help distinguish one area of foliage from the other.

2. Berms Create Islands Of Beauty & Visual Interest

A berm is a raised level barrier, possibly in a garden, that separates areas. Berms are great for drainage but their intrinsic slopes are quite wonderful for creating sloping beds of textured plants that serve as focal points. Our landscape designers work with you to choose an assortment of flowering plants and bushes of various colors and heights that create interest in that sector of the landscape. Limiting height to 2 feet allows enough space for those gentle slopes and we’ll place enough mulch for rich color and coverage that will keep weeds at bay.

3. Build A Low Flagstone Wall As An Interesting Border

Stack a couple of rows of flagstones to create a wall a foot high. We’ll help you prepare the ground with a trench dug a few inches deep, but measure the width of the flagstones. We will level that trench with sand or gravel to create a solid bed for the flagstones, before laying them in and doing a backfill around your large stones with gravel. This wall can serve as a stunning border for a garden bed adjacent to the house with short broad-leafed green plants at the line and more colorful flowering plants, then trees of graduated height.

4. Pathway Of Gravel Or Flagstone Invites Romantic Strolls

Increase your home’s curb appeal with an inviting winding pathway to or from your front door or back yard trees. Our team will install materials like gravel or flagstone to complement your existing garden walls. Our designers will help you decide on the placement of a wide curving path and we’ll clear sod on either side for a clean, crisp look by eliminating grass at the pavers’ edges. We recommend larger, heavier pavers for stability during our summer monsoon rains.

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