What Types Of Grass Thrive In Las Vegas?

Believe it or not, it is possible to achieve a lush green lawn even in the harsh Southern Nevada climate. Las Vegas lies in the lawn grass “transition zone.” This means that given proper care, both cool and warm-season types of grass can be grown here. If you want a green appearance all year long, you may need to mix and match your varieties.

  • Bermuda Grass
  • Zoysia Grass
  • Tall Fescue
  • Ryegrass
  • Buffalo
  • Artificial Turf

The Much-Maligned Bermuda

In some parts of the country, vining Bermuda grass is viewed as an invasive weed. It doesn’t need as much water as other varieties and thrives in hot climates, including southern Nevada.

Bermuda makes an excellent turf, especially for green ground cover during the hot months.

Zoysia Pros & Cons

Another drought-resistant, heat-loving turf that tends to do well in Southern Nevada is Zoysia. It is often used in high-traffic areas such as ball fields and golf courses, as it has a high tolerance for foot traffic.

Zoysia is slow-growing and requires less mowing and maintenance, yet it is also considered invasive because it will take over if it gets mixed into other turf types. Like Bermudagrass, Zoysia is hard to kill off.

Tall Fescue

Unlike Bermuda and Zoysia grass, tall fescue is a cool-season variety that does quite well in Las Vegas, especially in the spring and fall. Fescue will struggle and tends to go dormant during the hottest summer months.

If you decide on tall fescue, consider a variety such as Combat Extreme™, which has been developed to self-repair and better tolerate heat and drought conditions.

Seeding With Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is often seeded in fall over Bermuda lawns. This allows temporary greening-up as the Bermuda goes dormant in winter. Despite the name, perennial ryegrass tends to die out in the extreme Las Vegas summer heat, so you won’t want to rely on it as your only lawn choice.

Buffalo Grass

Descended from prairie grasses, buffalograss is drought-tolerant and requires less water than many traditional kinds of grass. It doesn’t look the same as conventional turfgrass but is attractive in its own right.

Things to keep in mind: buffalo grass doesn’t need frequent mowing or fertilization, but it doesn’t do well in the shade nor does it tolerate heavy traffic.

What About Artificial Grass?

Although living plants are appealing, there are times when installing artificial turf is a superior choice, especially in the Las Vegas Valley. If you are looking for an immaculate, maintenance-free, and perennially green lawn, synthetic turf may be suitable for you.

It can help you save water, save money, save time, and enjoy a beautiful maintenance-free lawn.

We’re Here To Help Keep Your Turf Looking Great

Green America Tree & Landscaping offers residential and commercial turf maintenance services throughout the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

Let’s Plant Grass In Your Las Vegas Lawn

Call us today for help choosing and planting the right type of grass for your Nevada lawn. Serving the Las Vegas Valley, at Green America Tree & Landscaping, we offer affordable full-service landscaping and tree maintenance services. We are experts in all aspects of lawn care, whether you are looking for new turf installation or want to replace your existing lawn with a water-smart, lush artificial alternative.

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