What Landscape Features Offer The Most Value?

When it comes to your home, making improvements that offer the best return on investment (ROI) is always a smart move. Some landscape features provide more value than others – especially if you live in a dry area like Las Vegas and Henderson. These landscaping features will give your Southern Nevada home a good return on investment.

  • Plants & Trees
  • Shade Structures
  • Automated Irrigation System
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Landscaped Pathways
  • Backyard Kitchen & Entertainment Area

Include Drought-Tolerant Plants & Trees

Planting native or desert-friendly plants and trees is a great way to save water and money while increasing curb appeal. Go for quick-growing varieties, and don’t forget to select some perennials that add eye-popping color during the blooming seasons. When you’re ready to sell your home, future buyers will be more impressed by a well-manicured outdoor space with plenty of natural shade and color than a yard full of nothing but gravel or desert concrete.

Consider Permanent Shade Structures

Pergolas, gazebos, and patio covers provide a welcome respite from the hot sun. They can also protect your outdoor furniture and landscape design features from damage caused by UV rays and extreme heat. By creating a shady oasis in your backyard, you can extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space while increasing your property value.

Install An Automated Irrigation System

Programmable irrigation systems can help you stick to mandatory watering schedules by allowing you to program dates and times of use. Mechanical drip systems also apply water more efficiently, saving water and eliminating the need for manual watering. Finally, an automated irrigation system can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, allowing you to see a higher return on investment for your Las Vegas or Henderson home.

Add Plenty Of Exterior Lighting

Investing in professional outdoor lighting is a wise decision for any homeowner. A well-lit exterior can make a property stand out. Solar-powered and LED lights are particularly effective in this regard, as they are environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Lighting is also a significant selling point for potential buyers looking for a turnkey property.

Design A Landscaped Entryway And Pathways

A well-landscaped home makes a great first impression on visitors and potential home buyers. Entryways and pathways are often the first areas people see when they approach a building, so you’ll want to ensure they are impeccably maintained. A walkway can be constructed from a variety of beautiful landscaping materials, such as brick, stone, pavers, and gravel, depending on the style you want to achieve.

Create A Stunning Backyard Kitchen & Entertainment Area

A backyard kitchen will add value to your home by increasing its livable space and allowing you to take advantage of Southern Nevada’s year-round sunny weather. Make sure to design your backyard kitchen and entertainment area with comfortable seating, a grill or island, and plenty of counter space. Adding these features will increase your home’s value and enhance your enjoyment.

Las Vegas Landscaping Makeovers

This post discusses several landscaping features that can increase Las Vegas or Henderson property values. For the best return on your investment, call Green America Tree & Landscaping today for more information or to get started designing the ideal exterior space.

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