Looking At Basic Tree Cutting Equipment

There are many reasons to seek professional help when there is a tree, or several trees, that need to be cut down. While this is a project an experienced DIY person can tackle, experience with this type of work should be key. There’s a reason the lumber industry in its many forms is one of the most dangerous to work in. Whether a professional looking for the right equipment or someone determined to do it yourself, make sure you have at least the basic tree cutting equipment in this article to prepare you to do the job and to do it right!

Carabiners & Climbing Equipment

In many places, you can’t just cut down the tree at the base and be done with it. This is particularly the case in neighborhoods if several homes or buildings are nearby, or a variety of other reasons. This is where proper climbing equipment is an absolute necessity.

Make sure you buy the strongest carabiners available. These need to be able to hold up to a lot of weight and pressure – don’t forget this little thing is what is holding your weight, and that’s a lot of pressure on a minuscule piece of equipment. Real ascenders are also critical to get you safely up and down the tree.

Don’t skimp on the quality of rope, either. A fall can often be deadly, and that’s even before the chainsaw, or any blade based cutting equipment gets going. A robust and sturdy rope to go with the rest of the climbing equipment is essential to getting the job done safely and getting it done right.

Safety Gear

This should go without saying, but it’s an area that far too many men ignore while taking care of everything else. While high protective goggles and a helmet are an excellent start, you will also need sturdy yet flexible clothes, padded athletic clothing, and ear plugs, to say the least.

While you hope never to be in a worst case scenario while cutting trees, it is far better to be prepared and not have to use it than to find suddenly yourself falling, injured, or otherwise incapacitated when a simple hard hat, vest, or another piece of safety equipment could have saved you.


No question that when it comes to cutting down a tree, or cutting off a lot of branches, the chainsaw has to come into play. There are electric and gasoline versions of this classic cutting tool, and there are many things to consider including the length of the blade, the cutting power, and your ability to handle that particular device.

While individual trees might be able to be treated with smaller chainsaws, larger ones will require a much larger saw that takes a lot of skill to safely and efficiently use.

In Conclusion

Depending on the job, there’s a lot that goes into cutting up a tree. Make sure to do your research ahead of time to make sure the gear you grab meets your actual needs compared to the job being done.

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