It’s Smart To Cut Your Tree Down In Pieces

It is somber to see one of your most favorite trees get damaged in a storm, but once the storm has passed, you need to assess the amount of damage sustained and determine the future viability of the tree. A weak tree is an accident waiting to happen, so it may well be time to cut the tree down. Before you get too excited though and head into your shed for the chainsaw, there are a couple of things you need to think about.

Topple The Tree Or Cut Into Pieces?

When it comes to pulling down a tree, the experts make it look easy. One wedge cut into the side of the tree, push it over yelling “timber” and down it comes.

While this certainly sounds like an easy way to do things, it is a procedure that should be left to the professionals. When an inexperienced person tries to cut down, a whole tree accidents can happen. Since you probably don’t want to explain to the insurance company how the tree ended up on your car or your house, it is safer to stick to the option of cutting down the tree in pieces.

How Is A Tree Cut Down In Pieces?

Cutting down a tree in pieces involves heading to the top of the tree and cutting off the upper part. The cutter then gradually moves down the trunk of the tree and cuts it down in sections until only the stump remains.

If you have an unusually tall tree that needs to be taken down, again it is best to leave this to the professionals if you do not have experience. When heading to the top of the tree, you need to be harnessed to the trunk to reduce the possibility of falling. While you may be able to purchase or hire the harness required, you are risking bodily injury if not experienced in the tree felling field.

What Happens To The Tree Pieces?

Once the tree is in pieces and safely on the ground, you have some choices as to what you can do wth it. Firstly, you could hire a wood chipper and put the tree parts into it. The resulting wood chips can be used as mulch around the garden. Alternatively, you could trim all the branches from the tree trunk, discard these and then cut the balance of the tree into smaller pieces that can be used for firewood during the winter. Both of these options are of benefit to you and your family, and will save you having to pay for the tree to be carted away from the home.

The safest way to remove a tree from your property is to cut it down in pieces. It saves accidents to both people and assets. The primary concern right now is to get that damaged tree down before it does do any harm. Therefore, it is best that you do not delay the decision of how you are going to pull down the tree for too long.

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