How To Find & Fix Irrigation Leaks

You can tell right away that something is wrong when water is gushing out from a broken main or shooting up in the air from a malfunctioning or missing sprinkler head. However, many other outdoor plumbing and irrigation leaks can be very tricky to find and fix.

Here are some basic leak detection tips from our professional landscapers at Green America Tree & Landscaping.

An Abnormally High Water Bill Means Trouble

One of the first signs that you may have a leak is a higher than usual water bill when your watering patterns have not changed, and no recent fee increases have taken effect. To verify, you or a plumber can shut the water meter off, wait half an hour or so, and then check to see if the flow indicator is still moving.

If so, you have a leak, whether inside or outside. Once you’ve ruled out an indoor plumbing problem, you can then start looking around your landscape to try and identify the source.

Signs You Have An Irrigation Leak

Leaking irrigation pipes and valves can cause a great deal of water waste. Higher monthly bills aside, water wastage is a finable offense in Southern Nevada. To avoid being penalized by your HOA or the local authorities, it’s a good idea to periodically survey your landscape for irrigation system problems such as these:

  • Sunken or sodden ground can indicate an underground leak.
  • Thin spurting geysers indicate damaged or missing spray heads.
  • Standing pools are signs of a major leak.
  • Flooded areas between sprinklers and water spurting between sprinkler heads usually mean a broken lateral line.
  • A noticeable drop in water pressure could be a backflow valve problem or a leaking or broken line.
  • Spurting at a sprinkler base is usually a broken seal.
  • Flooded valve boxes can mean a leak, especially if it hasn’t rained recently.

Why Choose Professional Leak Detection & Repair?

Even if you are pretty sure you have an irrigation leak, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact location, especially if it’s underground. The last thing you want to do is start randomly digging up your yard or garden in the hopes of finding the source. Our professional landscapers have leak detection tools and equipment to pinpoint the problem and get it repaired fast.

Las Vegas & Henderson Landscaping Services

Don’t get caught by the water police or a nasty surprise on your next watering bill. We can repair your outdoor irrigation system or install a new system for your residential or commercial property. Call Green America Tree & Landscaping for your quote today.

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