Guide To Xeriscape Landscaping & Design

As water is proving more precious than ever, Green America Tree & Landscaping is seeing many homeowners turn their attention to xeriscape landscape design. This water-smart and low-maintenance alternative is catching on everywhere, from the deserts of Las Vegas to the temperate forests of the Northeast. Homeowners can create serious curb appeal without draining aquifers by relying on low-water cactuses and succulents and including hardscaping to vary the landscape.

1. Choose Appropriate Plants

First and foremost, you need the right plants for successful low-water landscaping. If you’re unfamiliar with these species or are just starting with xeriscape design, head to a nursery where they can help you find appropriate species for your garden.

  • Cactuses
  • Succulents
  • Sedges
  • Grasses
  • Mediterranean Herbs
  • Trees Like Crape Myrtle & Madrone

2. Group Plants By Water Needs

Just because a plant is considered “low-water” doesn’t mean it has the exact needs as another of the same designation. Make sure plants of similar moisture levels end up in similar parts of the landscape so you can put them on the same schedule. Before you plant anything, check out the requirements for each plant. Some will need water twice a month during the hottest parts of the year, while others will need watering twice a week to make it through the summer months.

3. Locate Xeric Species In Low-Traffic Areas

Drought-tolerant or “xeric” species won’t bounce back as fast as those watered frequently. To ensure they don’t get stepped on, put them inside demarcated garden beds where they won’t get much foot traffic. Then protect them with decorative rock and mulch that increases the attractiveness of your design compared to bare soil.

4. Consider An Irrigation System

Although you want to avoid using precious resources where possible, science has failed to develop “no-water” plants, so you’ll need to hydrate them. To avoid waste (as well as the time-honored tradition of standing around with a hose in your hand), it’s a good idea to install an irrigation system.

Let Us Help You Go Green With Xeriscaping

We hope this primer on xeriscaping has helped inspire you! To get more information or schedule a service for your Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson property, contact us at Green America Tree & Landscaping today.

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