Commercial Landscape Tips To Invite Business

The attractiveness of your commercial landscaping can often be your business’ first (and sometimes last) impression. An inviting and well-maintained property attracts attention, encourages trust, and exudes respectability. Investing in certain features can be especially helpful in converting passersby into new customers.

  • Eye-Catching Walkways
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Thoughtful Plantings
  • Artistic Hardscapes
  • Creative Lighting
  • Routine Maintenance

Create Eye-Catching Walkways To Draw People In

A wealth of patterns and materials can be used to create striking designs on the walkways that direct people around your business. Using color, lines, and shapes from various materials like pavers, flagstones, or brick easily draws attention and encourages more foot traffic. Mixing different textures and borders can further increase visual interest.

Extend Customers’ Stay Around Outdoor Seating

Building outdoor seating in convenient and welcoming areas will encourage visitors to extend their stay around your business. Not only does outdoor seating serve a functional purpose, it also makes the area look like a popular place. While you’re at it, set aside picnic tables or workspaces for employees to show how highly your business values and takes care of its team members and, by extension, its customers.

Offer Shade & Ambiance Through Thoughtful Plantings

Giving potential customers the ability to take refuge from the desert sun and enjoy a beautiful mix of colorful plants can add to your property’s appeal. The arrangement of ground cover, shrubs, and flowering plants in concert with some shady trees is a great way to present a unified design. Not only is it a great form of advertisement on its own, but commercial landscaping also serves as a great photo opportunity to help market your business.

Incorporate Artistic Hardscapes For A Dynamic Design

Hardscaping can carve out the shape of your landscape to best complement an area. Everything from decorative rocks, retaining walls, and raised gardens can be used to create areas of interest and direct the flow of foot traffic. A beautiful waterfall or fountain also adds life to your desert landscaping to attract attention and provide a sense of calm to the environment.

Highlight Interesting Features With Creative Lighting

Ensure your landscaping can be seen even after the sun sets. Highlight those newly installed landscaping features by using the latest lighting technology trends, including solar-powered integrated LED lights. Don’t overlook the impact of downlighting a flagstone footpath or uplighting an outdoor seating area to create dynamic highlights and depth.

Maintain Your Commercial Landscaping To Instill Confidence

Keeping up appearances with your landscaping through consistent maintenance says much more about your business than you might think. A routinely maintained landscape displays the amount of care, attention, and pride you have in your property and represents the way you conduct business. Professional lawn mowing, trimming, and edging with regularly scheduled maintenance helps protect your landscaping investment to extend its benefits for the long term.

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