How To Effectively Add Color To Your Commercial Landscape

Who do you turn to when you need to add color to your commercial landscape? Green America Tree & Landscaping has the resources, experienced crews, and creativity to turn your Las Vegas property into one that breathes life into your desert location. We employ all these design tips in every project to help make your business bloom.

Bring Desert Friendly Plants & Trees to Your Property

Green and growing things are always the first choice for adding color and interest to a landscape. But when you operate under the Las Vegas sun, you need to look beyond traditional plantings to palm trees, cacti, and flowers that thrive in the desert heat. We can help you find unique options that support native wildlife and require less maintenance.

  • Dorr’s Sage: Also known as Desert Purple Sage, this plant has silver foliage & blue & purple flowers that bloom in late spring.
  • Mojave Aster: These lavender flowers have a brilliant yellow center & can be up to 2 inches wide.
  • Desert Marigold: Members of the aster family, these bright yellow flowers consist of tiny florets that are densely bunched together to look like individual blooms.
  • Red-Osier Dogwood: This 3-9 foot tall shrub grows umbrella-like clusters of white flowers on red branches.
  • White Spruce: This straight, tall tree is a conifer, offering beautiful, year-round color.
  • Scrub Oak: This small, shrubby oak has leathery green leaves and small yellow flowers.

Update Your Hardscaping Using Unique Pavers

If your business is a gray building surrounded by concrete and gravel, your clients may be underwhelmed by your landscape design. Replace worn sidewalks, park lanes, and entryways with colorful pavers that introduce the rainbow of the desert. Rich brown, red, orange, and blues add depth to your public persona that fits the natural surroundings.

Maximize Turf, Signage, & Features Over Gravel

The original builders may have opted for paved or graveled areas to reduce your water usage while maintaining a crisp exterior. Switch things up and welcome your clients to sink their toes into compact garden spaces using artificial turf that maintains its lush green color. Position colorful signs surrounded by tall cactus and flowering pots to improve that first impression, or use gazebos and pergolas to provide structure and shade in open areas.

Rock Gardens: Embrace Low Maintenance Color

Bring the beauty of Red Rock Canyon to your business by creating a stunning rock sculpture garden featuring red sandstone, black volcanic rock, crystalline quartz, and textured granite. Once installed, it never needs to be trimmed, repaired, or watered while introducing extra color and contrast to your surroundings.

Hire Our Landscape Professionals For A Colorful Plan

Is it time to upgrade the appearance of your commercial space with a colorful landscape design? If you are in the greater Las Vegas area, give Green America Tree & Landscaping a call today to schedule your on-site consultation. We look forward to creating fresh hardscaping and plantings that bring life to your property’s appearance.

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