7 Tips To Create Effective Landscape Lighting

At Green America Tree & Landscaping, we know that when you put a lot of time and effort into your yard, you want to enjoy it—and not just during the day. That’s where effective landscape lighting comes in.

1. Choose Lighting To Match Your Style

First and foremost, what’s your style? Quaint ranch house? Mid-century modern? Spanish revival? Whatever the case, there’s a style of lighting that complements your decor.

2. Adjust The Brightness To The Area

If you’re lighting an outdoor kitchen or high-traffic area where people will need to see clearly, choose beautiful fixtures that work well over lots of little, inefficient lights. Fairy lights and dimmer lights can lend a cozy ambiance to dining areas, fire pits, and pools instead of anything too bright and jarring.

3. Place Your Lights In Intentional Places

Getting your landscape lighting right means putting it in the correct places. Whether you’re highlighting a beautiful Japanese maple or illuminating a pool area so that no one breaks an ankle, you’ll want to ensure you don’t overlook these areas.

  • Dining Areas, Such As A Patio Table
  • Hangout Spots, Like A Tranquil Corner By A Pond
  • Areas Of High Drama, Such As A 20-Foot Japanese Maple
  • The Sides Of Houses & Sheds
  • Poolside & Hot Tub Areas
  • Walkways

4. Choose Lights With Flexible Options

You can extend the usefulness of your lighting by choosing adjustable fixtures. You may want a fixture with a dimmer switch over an outdoor dining area or lightweight standing lamps that can be moved around. You’ll enjoy your yard more if the lighting is adaptable to the space as you use it for different activities.

5. Secure Your Property With Good Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to ensure your property is secure, whether you’re lighting a home or business. For that reason, make sure your landscaping design includes lighting for these features.

  • Walkways & Alleys
  • Back Gates
  • Shadowy Areas Where People Could Sneak Into Your Yard
  • Any Area At Which A Camera Is Pointing

6. LED Lights For Focused Tasks

LED lights are great at focusing light in a specific direction, especially for recessed downlighting and task lighting where you need bright light. They’re also great for string lights—up to 25 strings can be connected without overloading a socket. Additionally, they’re a sustainable choice that create more light with less power. Not only will they help the planet—they’ll save you money.

7. Check Lights Frequently

Like any other system, landscape lighting needs good maintenance. Make sure to check your lighting frequently and have a professional out when needed so that your lights are in working order and your yard is well-lit when and where you need it to be.

Get Perfect Landscape Lighting Today

Want to learn more about how to light up your backyard, front yard, garden, and side walkways in style? Green America Tree & Landscaping’s design and maintenance teams are happy to help you create the perfect, well-lit landscape for your desert home. Contact us for yard services and landscape lighting in Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas today!

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