6 Essential Late Summer Lawn Care Tasks

With autumn looming, late summer is the right time to turn from summer planting to prepping your commercial lawn for cooler weather. If you’re like many business owners, planning for next spring is the last thing on your mind. However, for full, thick grass next summer, you’ll need to make the proper winter preparations for your landscape. Here are six must-do tips from the pros at Green America Tree & Landscaping.

  1. Address Weeds Before Winter
  2. Keep Using Your Mower
  3. Aeration Delivers Oxygen To Plant Roots
  4. Keep Leaves Off Your Lawn
  5. Prepare For Winter
  6. Hire Professional Landscapers

1. Stay Vigilant With Continued Weed Control

Weeds use nutrients and water your grass needs to thrive. Addressing weeds before winter will leave your commercial landscape healthier next spring. So, use earth-friendly, effective herbicides to prevent invasive plants from taking over your lawn.

2. Don’t Retire Your Mower Just Yet

Don’t put your mower in the basement in late summer!  Although plant growth slows as the temperature grows cold, you should continue to mow your lawn until the first frost. Short grass may not survive the winter, but letting it grow long can invite fungi and diseases to spread. For best results, keep grass heights between 2.5 and 3 inches for maximum sunlight exposure.

3. Aerate Your Soil For Healthy, Nourished Roots

Over time, a thick layer of plant material covers your soil. This can prevent water, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching plant roots. When you aerate, you remove compacted materials and facilitate root nourishment. Ask one of our landscapers about the best aeration technique for your property.

4. Help Your Lawn Breathe By Raking Leaves

When leaves cover your lawn, no sunlight is getting through. As leaves build up in late summer to early fall, they can smother your remaining plants and grass. So, keep leaves raked up to make the most of the dwindling sunlight.

5. Feed & Replenish Your Lawn To Help It Thrive

As part of your winter preparations, give your lawn the nutrients it needs to regenerate in the spring. In late summer, fertilizer sinks deeply into the soil for maximum impact. Your grass and plants can absorb these nutrients, building strong roots and storing energy for later use. Additionally, you can reseed bare or thin patches of grass that will thrive in the spring.

6. Hire Professional Landscapers & Avoid The Hassle

Hiring lawn care professionals to prepare your landscape for winter comes with several advantages. Our lawn care specialists have the knowledge and experience to inspect your lawn and tailor your maintenance plan accordingly. You can save time and hassle and ensure your late summer lawn care is completed on time. Additionally, when you hire our team to handle your seasonal landscaping, you don’t have to buy and store bulky, expensive equipment like mowers and weed whackers.

Our Lawncare Pros Can Help With Late Summer Preparation

When you need tips for late summer lawn care or winter preparation, reach out to the team at Green America Tree & Landscaping. We provide comprehensive commercial landscaping services for businesses throughout Henderson and Las Vegas, NV. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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