5 Low Maintenance Front Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas

Despite the ongoing drought, it’s still possible for Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners to have a great-looking front yard. Here are five of our favorite low-maintenance front yard desert landscaping ideas from Green America Tree & Landscaping to help you save both water and your valuable time.

  1. Focus On Xeriscaping
  2. Plant Native Varieties
  3. Incorporate Ground Covers
  4. Plant Drought-Tolerant Grasses
  5. Consider Artificial Turf

Focus On Xeriscaping

Water-smart desert landscaping doesn’t mean you have to cover your entire front yard with boring crushed rocks and call it a day. Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that minimizes water use. Typically, creating xeriscapes involves choosing plants native to the local area that are also drought-resistant. Xeriscaping often incorporates techniques such as mulching and using gravel instead of grass.

The Benefits Of Desert Landscaping

Xeriscaping can be an ideal solution for those who want an attractive yard without the hassle of constant upkeep. By using xeriscape techniques, you can reduce the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape. Xeriscaping can also help reduce the amount of pollutant runoff into waterways. In other words, xeriscaping is good for the environment and can also help save money on water bills.

Plant Native Varieties

Did you know that the Mojave Desert region is home to over 5,000 species of plants? While many of these plants are not suitable for landscaping purposes, there are still many native species that can thrive in Las Vegas yards. Being adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, native plants require less water and fertilizer than non-native plants. Additionally, native plants provide food and shelter for local wildlife, such as birds and bees. Finally, by planting native plants, you can help to preserve the region’s unique ecosystem.

Incorporate Ground Covers

Ground cover is a type of plant that grows close to the ground and spreads quickly, forming a dense mat that can help to suppress weeds and prevent soil erosion. Ground cover requires less water than grass, making it an ideal choice for arid climates. There are many fantastic options for drought-tolerant ground cover in southern Nevada. Ice plants like lampranthus or delosperma are perennial favorites, while creeping thyme and fragrant blue catnip are also hardy, low-maintenance options.

Plant Drought-Tolerant Grasses

Although large patches of lush green lawns may no longer be viable choices for Las Vegas yards, you can still plant some drought-tolerant grasses as part of your desert landscaping. Drought-tolerant grasses require less water and fertilizer, and they are often more resistant to pests and diseases. In addition, they have a higher tolerance for heat and sun, making them ideal for the desert climate. Several grass varieties thrive in the Las Vegas climate, including buffalograss, zoysiagrass, and bermudagrass.

Consider Artificial Turf

If you love the aesthetic of green grass but are looking for a low-maintenance, eco-friendly option for your front yard, artificial turf may be suitable for you. Synthetic turf provides a lush, green look without watering and is also durable and ideal for homes with pets and small children. Because it requires almost no maintenance, choosing synthetic turf means you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time tending to it.

Turn Your Front Yard Into A Desert Oasis

The desert landscaping options we’ve discussed in this article are great ways to create an eye-catching look for your Las Vegas or Henderson area front yard. For more information, call today to talk with a member of our landscape design team at Green America Tree & Landscaping. And don’t be discouraged if your front yard is on the smaller side — with a little creativity, we’ll help you turn it into a true oasis.

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